Best Chromebooks for Students and the Unexpected Advantages

A laptop or personal computer is one of the mandatory equipment for the students and workers. They need this PC for finishing school and office tasks. Introduce the best Chromebooks for students that have a more affordable price than other computer types. Of course, the students agree with Chromebook because it will be suitable for their budget. Nowadays, many best affordable Chromebooks for students exist on this page. See and pay attention to the device in detail so that you do not feel miscast. Scroll down for more information!

The Best Chromebooks for Students in supporting their Learning Process

Amid pandemic in 2020, Chromebook becomes one of the laptop or PC types that save many students. It does by performance as more than usual laptop during assisting the students’ activity. Google Chrome products it to fluent their task completing and online meeting (online studying). By the way, Chrome cooperates with many manufacturers. So, the best Chromebooks for students appear in various well-known brands. Look at below for seeing the items:

1. Google Pixelbook

It comes in the market between $999.00 and $1,084.95 and released since 2017. Google Pixel has a beautiful design, competitive, and convertible. It designs the speaker turns on through hinge that makes the audio sounds more concise.

Many advantages come with this Chromebook such as convenient use and long battery life for heavy load. You do not need to zoom out the window if you need to work on numerous applications.

2. Google Pixel Go

Prepare your budget between $649, 00, and $915, 95 for taking Google Pixel Go home. The best Chromebooks for students has the screen size in 13, 3 inches with the weight 2.3 pounds. The sturdy magnesium chassis and a ridged grip on the bottom save the device from slipping.

A lot of considerations for you to buy this device that looks stylish. This portable device has great battery life for eight hours. Of course, you will not get any problem during getting through a full workday.

3. HP Chromebook X360 14

Next, the Chromebook comes from HP in the series of X360 and has a sleek design. Get more power in the slightly larger size and choose it as the right option.

This device has several configurations and an i3 processor. Buy HP Chromebook X360 14 with 8GB RAM and 64GB of storage. This elegant device remains many advantages such as a great keyboard, having the same port, storage, and RAM.

4. Lenovo Chromebook DUET


By giving about $299, 00, the Lenovo Chromebook DUET is ready to carry home. Look! The low price of the device makes this best Chromebook for students excellent.

The superiorities not only come from a super long battery life until 11, 5 hours. Lenovo Chromebook DUET supports the gesture navigation system of Android-Esque. Other benefits waiting for you in the next more detailed information.

5. Asus Chromebook Flip C434

Lastly, you get an offering from Asus that has 14 inches screen size. Purchase one of them with the cost of $569, 00, $589, 00, and $729, 00. Flip C434 offers 14 inches with minimal bezels.

Discover specific privileges from HP Chromebook X2, Dell Inspiron 14, Samsung Chromebook Plus V2, and Asus Chromebook Flip C436. They have various features and specifications that are suitable for the students. Anything best Chromebooks for Students here, your school activities keep running fluently. Feel free to choose one of them!

Advantages of using Chromebooks in 2020

This page catches numerous advantages of using Chromebooks for home and school uses. It is such as:

Never doubt and regret to take one of the best Chromebooks for students above! It turns out they support any activities properly like watching movies and browsing the web. You can also use it for playing Chromebook games and listen to music.

Along with the browser-based OS, it supports cloud storage and modern work life. Of course, you keep having a stylish device style at affordable prices.

There are some things that you get them free like the Chrome browser and the Chrome operating system. Besides frees, the Chromebook is extremely easy to use. Even, the students will adapt to the new condition quickly.

Well, that is detailed information on the best Chromebooks for students to support their activities. This kind of laptop appears in various brands that you have believed the quality. It turns out Chromebook has more affordable prices so the students will not feel objection to purchasing it.

Nonetheless, the quality keeps credible and the users can use it for other activities like playing games. Is it not appropriate for the employees? Of course, everyone may purchase and operate it based on their necessaries.

Why does it choose the students as the target audiences? Nowadays, the need of a laptop and the relating increases rapidly. Therefore, it comes to help them have a good device without spending much money. Thank you for reading! Have a nice choice!

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