Windows 10 Update Assistant – Get Easier Way to Manage Your Windows

Windows 10 Update Assistant

Do you need to get your windows updated? If so, just bring it easier with the windows 10 update assistant. With it, you can set your windows to update automatically while available. Thus, the up-to-date windows will maintain your system well. It will also improve the security system for your Windows 10. On the other hand, you can also deactivate the windows 10 update assistant 1903 if it may bother your activities with your computer. So, you can update it later when there is no activity you do with your windows.

How to Upgrade to 1903 Version with Windows 10 Update Assistant

When you need to upgrade your Windows 10 to the 1903 version with this assistant, you can follow the steps below. Let’s check them out one by one.

1. Go to Settings

Firstly, you can find the Settings on your windows. Then, you can tap it to open this application. When it is opened, it means you are ready to follow the next step.

2. Tap on the Update and Security

Since you want to update the system, you should find the choice written in ‘Update and Security’ on the Settings. It is easy to find. After you find it, just tap on it to open.

3. Tap on the Windows Update

After you choose the ‘Update and Security’, the next step you should do is to choose the ‘Windows Update’ choice. In this section, you still need to tap on it to go to the next step.

4. Tap on the Check for Update

The fourth step you should do is to find the button of Check for Update. When you have done it, then click that button.

5. Tap on the Download and Install now

When you do this step, your computer will download the new 1903 version of Windows 10. Wait for this process until it finishes.

6. Tap on the Restart Now

The last, after the installation finishes, you need to restart your computer. To do this action with windows 10 update assistant, you can just find the Restart Now button and tap on it.

Use the Windows 10 Update Assistant to Update Your System for 10 May 2019 Version
When you need to get the Windows Version on 10 May 2019, you can do some steps below carefully.

1. Visit the website of Microsoft Support

The Microsoft support website provides the up-to-date version of windows 10. So, you can open this website and find it.

2. Tap on the Download Tool Now

After you find the application to download, just tap on the Download Tool Now button.

3. Launch the Assistant

After you finish download the file, you can directly launch it. To do it, you can double click the file.

4. Tap on the Update Now

When the file is launched, you can then follow this action by tapping on the Update Bow button.

5. Click Next

Then, you will meet the ‘Next’ button after doing the fourth step. Just click it.

6. Restart your windows

After you click Next, your windows will update the system. After it finishes, you need to restart your windows. So, just tap on the Restart Now button and wait for it. When the restarting process finishes, it means that you are successful to update your computer with windows 10 update assistant.

How to Deactivate Windows 10 Update Assistant

Since windows 10 update assistant is important for you, so, you should know the ways to deactivate it. Are you curious about them? If it is so, please follow these ways!

1. Remover the Upgrade Assistant of Windows 10

First, you can force the windows 10 update assistant to get removed. You can do it by doing these three steps. The first step is to press the Win and R to open the run prompt. Then, you are suggested to type appwiz.cpl and don’t forget to click Enter. The second step is scrolling the screen through the list. It is meant to find and choose the Windows Upgrade Assistant. And the last step is clicking the icon of Uninstall. You can find his icon on the command bar.

After that, just go to the driver in which you have installed the Windows. Commonly, it is C Drive and searches for a folder of Windows 10 Upgrade. After finding it, just delete it and don’t forget to empty the Recycle Bin. Thus, you can restart your computer.

2. Keep killing Windows Update Assistant

In this case, you are suggested to keep killing the service of Windows Update every time it runs. You need to know that it is like a script that kills it and doesn’t forget to convince that there is no progress. As you know that it is used to upgrade the system. Then, you should copy the script that is mentioned on Notepad and please remember to save it on the desktop. So, you are allowed to right-click on the file. Besides, you can also run it as the Administrator.

3. Stop Update Orchestrator Service

The third way of windows 10 update assistant is to stop updating the service of orchestrator. If it is stopped, the devices cannot use to download and even install the latest updates. However, if you want to disable the updates, what can you do? You are suggested to open Services.MSC by typing it in the search bar. Then, just scroll the screen to find the Update Orchestrator Service and click on Stop.

Well, that is all about the use of windows 10 update assistant to know. Learn it to make sure your windows are safe and up-to-date.

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