The Khaleed Mobile Legends Guide for a Better Play

Khaleed Mobile Legends Guide

So many people are curious about the khaleed mobile legends guide. It is a newly released one from Moonton and this thing is so fun. That is why; you must try it too. In a full term, it is also called as the Khaleed the Desert Scimitar. This hero fighter was released on 31 of July 2020 which was not long after after the Yo Zhong in Land of Dawn. Just like usual, the newly released hero is completed with the beyond average skills and ability. Usually,it is called the OP or over – powered. You can feel it when playing this amazing thing. So, before playing this game, it is better to know about the khaleed mobile legends guide first. It is because every hero have the different history, skill, build item, and ways to play.

Khaleed Mobile Legends Guide – The Skills that It Has

Khaleed Mobile Legends Guide

Khaleed is a threat for the enemy team in the Land of Dawn due to the skills that it has. So far, it is completed with the three different skills. Here is the further information for you.

1. The passive skill – sand walk

The main character will collect the dessert power when moving. After that power is fully charged, it will slide in the side, increase the movement speed, and make the next basic attack is stronger.

The movement speed given by this khaleed passive skill will be increasing by 30 percent. The rotation made will give a bigger effect for your friend in a same team, especially for teamfight. To activate that passive ability, you just need to use it. Just do the running action as usual and then it will get the accumulation of desert power. It is as simple as that.

2. Skill 2 – desert tornado

The second ability in this khaleed mobile legends guide information is called the desert tornado. That will give a spinning attack to the enemies and has the cool down effect of 5.5 seconds.

That is happened in the first level. It will automatically active without counting the cooldown as long as this ability attacks the enemy. This feature can be done for five times. The damage of this desert tornado will rise for about 20% to the enemy and 50% to the minion / creep. You may use it when it is needed or for the right circumstances in the game.

3. Skill 3 – raging sandstorm

This ultimate ability is suitable if you want to do a combo hero mobile legends in a team fight. It is because the raging sandstorm gives the wide attack based on the area target.

In a more detail, raging sandstorm makes Khaleed is located above the sand storm which cam give the immune to the crowd control that it accepts. This stand storm can push the enemy. The enemy which is attacked by this khaleed ultimate skill will accept the stun effect for a second. That is Why; it is a great idea to apply this weapon when you need it.

The Khaleed Mobile Legends Guide: Combo Skill

According to the expert gamers, the most appropriate combo abilities to kidnap the enemy is by using the skill 2, activate the passive, basic attack, ultimate weapon, ability 1. So very first time, khaleed uses the skill 2 to get the passive stack. After that, attack the enemies with the other abilities. With the right timing, you can rely on this character. It is especially during the teamfight until you are able to pass through the mobile legend rank steps easily. It is a recommendation from the experts that a player can try.

The Build Items to Know

In this khaleed mobile legends guide, there is also an information about the build items. It is really important since you must choose the suitable one for this characters. That is why; we will give you some khaleed build items recommendation. The first one is called the Raptor Machete. Thus item gives an added physical attack and penetration. It also has more cooldown reduction and damage 50% to the jungle monster. The second item is the warrior boots. This thing increases the added physical defense for 22 points.

You may get the passive effects as well that will rise 5 physical defense for every basic attack received up to 25 added physical defense. The next items is called the bloodlust axe. With this thing, the character can receive the spell vamp which is so strong. This item also gives the physical attack and cooldown reduction refered to the khaleed mobile legends guide.