Strongest Heroes in Mobile Legends 2021 to Win Game Easily

Strongest Heroes in Mobile Legends 2021

Beating all the enemies and winning the game early doesn’t seem like a difficult thing to do as you play the strongest heroes in Mobile Legends 2021. As there are a lot of brand-new characters in the newest version, you have more characters to select. And of course, there is the strongest one if you know who they are. So who is the strongest hero in ML 2021? Now you don’t need to spend longer to win the game. From the Assassins to the Tanks, below we bring you recommendations of the top-tier characters that can easily bring you to victory.

What are the Best Assassins in Mobile Legends 2021?

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Let’s start best from the Assassins. Choosing this specialty will help you focus on the vulnerable opponents. Though it may be little bit challenging to play, but their ability can cause deadly damage to the opponents, and here are the heroes:

1. Benedetta

When it comes to offense, Benedetta’s blade is totally useful to stun enemies in a short range. She’s equipped with a second skill called “Eye for An Eye” which can control immunity by blocking all damage within 0.8 seconds. This characteristic is really suitable for those who seek crowd-control.

2. Lancelot

Coming as the first version of ML Hero, Lancelot is still played by most players. He’s agile and swift, making considerable damage to the opponents by his skill “the Perfumed Knight”. It’s not surprising that he’s one of the strongest heroes in Mobile Legends 2021.

3. Natalia

Those who love farming, choosing the Natalia would be truly recommended as a Jungler. She’s able to farm then cause damage to opponents while hiding.

4. Ling

He’s nimble because in most of the games he always becomes the hero that is constantly banned as he’s moving mobile and effectively causes deadly damage.

5. Helcurt

Helcurt has an ultimate skill that makes enemies get blind. He can help comrades by causing burst damage and annoy the opposite team.

The Top-tier Tank Heroes

Then we move to another specialty like Tank-heroes. Selecting this specialty is totally suitable for those who need an aggressive player since the game is just starting at the very beginning. As the tank-roles have the initial health to guard comrades, they may look bulky even though their damage is lowest. Here are notable tanks you may want to select:

1. Khufra

On the first list of the strongest heroes in Mobile Legends 2021 comes Khufra. Called the Desert tyrant, Khufra will be able to handle crowd-control by dashing to his opponents, especially when they’re trying to give blink-skills.

2. Gatotkaca

We all know that Gatotkaca is the toughest tank which has high level ability effects, complete with great durability that can cause high damage.

3. Barats

He’s the newest hero that comes with the current version of ML. Be careful of the opponent that fights against this hero as he’s able to absorb the enemy’s energy and get bigger by it.

4. Baxia

Known as the ‘Mystic Tortoise’, this tank-hero is skilled with high mobility and superb sustained damage. Is anyone going to use these strongest heroes in Mobile Legends 2021?

5. Atlas

Called an ‘Ocean Gladiator’, he will be totally damaging if the players use `the Dominant Ice” item to optimize his passive skill.

The Best Fighters Mobile Legends 2021: Approved!

Now we come to the other hero specialty, which are the Fighters. Fighters will be experts on the clashes. Equipped with adaptable skills, they’re conditionally flexible. Here are the top-tier fighters players can choose:

1. Chou

Called the “Kung-Fu Boy”, skillful plays he shows to dominate the opponents. Would be the strongest heroes in Mobile Legends 2021, wouldn’t he?

2. Paquito

The ‘ Heavenly Fist’ this hero owns will knock out the enemies easily.

3. Phoveus

He’s another hero skilled with unmatched blinking, the best choice for those who want to fight against Wanwan.

4. Aldous

He’s dynamic and created to hunt down any opponents on the map.

5. Guinevere

Guinevere is skilled with crowd-control in a large number of enemies.

The Best Mage in Mobile Legends 2021: Help You Simply Beat the Enemies!

They may look weak especially in early-gameplay, that’s why they should be controlled by the skillful player to take the right execution to the target. So, here are the lists of the strongest heroes in Mobile Legends 2021, especially in Mages:

1. Esmeralda

The “Starmoon Power” of this tanky-mage would break any kind of shields.

2. Chang’e

He’s one of the strongest heroes in Mobile Legends 2021 with a long-ranged hero and an effective mid-Laner.

3. Cecilion

Those who also play Carmilla, Cecilion will be the perfect partner to accompany her because they have a deadly skill as a couple.

4. Harley

Harley looks like the most genius hero in ML as she has multiple skills like delayed damage, escape injury, and the light-footed hero in charge.

5. Alice

This Queen of Blood is mostly used by those who need an effective damage from the mage.

Here are the Top Marksmen Heroes You’d Better Select!

Then, how about the Marksmen? Below we also bring you the strongest heroes in Mobile Legends 2021 with the specialty in Marksman:

1. Claude

Stealing speed from the enemies is one of his skills!

2. Brody

This Lone Star has a long ranged shoot that can seriously injure enemies.

3. Wanwan

What a speedy monster! Wanwan can hit enemies faster before they think they can escape!

4. Bruno

Bruno can be sometimes annoying for opponents as his power-ball can cause burst damage.

5. Granger

Granger can turn music into a lethal weapon, so he’s also the most playable character this far!

Who Are the Top most Supports Better to Use?

The ‘Supports’ may be underrated, because their role looks essential. Here are well-love supports in ML:

1. Diggie

Diggie, as the ‘Time Keeper’, he’s able to both chase and annoy at the same time.

2. Mathilda

Those who want to play a flexible support, Mathilda would be the perfect choice to choose.

3. Rafaela

Rafaela is most known as the pilot hero where her capability is not only healing comrades, but also revealing where enemies hide.

4. Angela

As a support, Angela can both attach and ride to assist allies in battle.

5. Kaja

Called the ‘Nazar King’, those who need to displace enemy units need to use Kaja.

Trialing one by one of the heroes to find the best one may take a longer time. While you know what the strongest heroes in Mobile Legends 2021, it seems easy to take a victory with only choosing the rightest one.