Send Diamonds on Mobile Legends – The Two Possible Ways You Can Try

When you play MOBA games, one thing you want to know is about to send diamonds on Mobile Legends. This is because Mobile Legends is one of the most downloaded MOBA as a mobile game in the world, mainly the Android user. Mobile Legends which is also known as MLBB (Mobile Legends: Bang-Bang) has a feature to gift skin for our friends. Then, many players are curious about how to send diamonds to friends in Mobile Legends.

How to Send Diamonds to Friend Mobile Legends

Although you can’t directly send diamonds to friend Mobile Legends to your friend or other players as you gift skin, there are some ways. If you want to give diamonds to your friends you need to follow two methods below.

1. Through live streaming

The first method that you can try is through live streaming. But there are two basic requires that you need to prepare. First thing is to prepare your diamonds and make sure your friends turn on the streaming feature. Then, follow these steps:

a. Open your friends profile while playing, and stream their live match. If you want to send to other players who aren’t in your profile, search the profile using the ID or in-game name. Then stream when they play. To stream, you can visit their profile, then tap menu “Watch stream” on the right-bottom of the screen.

b. When you do a live stream, you can start to send diamonds to friend Mobile Legends by choosing the gift button. It showed a pink package item under the love symbol on the right side.

c. After you choose it, there will be many gift menus that you can choose the gift by seeing the diamonds that want to gift. The menus are such as the flower that represents 2 diamonds and jewelry that represents 2 diamonds. While the maximum diamonds you can send is 5000 diamonds represent by the plane symbol.

d. When you are done with it, your friend can claim the diamonds by open his inbox after done with the streaming. Unfortunately, your friend needs to convert the diamonds because when the gift claimed it will turn to BB coins. So to convert them be diamonds, the BB coins should be exchanged to diamonds.

2. Through the third party

Another possible way to send diamonds in Mobile Legends is by using the third party. By meaning the third party is by using the cross-platform payment that can send the diamonds directly to your friend’s account. On other words, you buy the diamonds directly for them. This is an option if you want to send the diamonds easier.

The difference with the previous method, you don’t need to befriend in the game if you want to do this. All you need just knows the ID game number of the person you are going to send the diamonds.

To do it, just choose the cross-platform payment solution such as CodaShop or SEAgm. There are so many platforms that you can use today to buy the diamonds. Choose the trusted platform only before you purchase it. Usually, each of the platforms has a direct menu to buy the MLBB diamonds. Make sure that the system on the platform will directly send the diamonds by entering the ID.

As an example if you use CodaShop, you will need to enter your friend’s ID, and then choose the diamonds menu. Make the payment by choosing the payment methods. Enter the email for validation and click “Buy”. Ask your friend to open the game and check the diamonds that already sent to his account. Congratulation, you successfully send diamonds in Mobile Legends to your friend.

Which one is better?

Since there is no possible way to send the diamonds directly, the second method is the one that many people choose. This is because they will receive the diamonds as the exact number that you send.

When you send the diamonds through streamer, your friend will receive fewer diamonds. As an example, if you give your friend 100 diamonds by choosing a yacht symbol, he will receive 1000 BB coin then claimed the gift. Then, 1000 BB coin should be exchanged to diamonds, which every 5 BB coins worth 1 diamond for the streamer. So if you send 1000 diamonds will then your friend will only get 200 diamonds.

That’s all about the method to send diamonds on Mobile Legends. If you wish to send your friend the diamonds, you may better choose the second option. Happy gaming!