Samsung Galaxy Fold Review, The Information more than Specs and Price

Samsung Galaxy Fold Review

Cell phone gets extremely rapid development into a smartphone only in five years. Twenty years ago, the cell phone was truly an electronic communication tool. Ten years later, it starts getting increase with the camera, message feature, and music apps. Nowadays, the Samsung Galaxy Fold review describes the latest technology sophistication to you. You do not only get an ultra-smartphone but also a tablet. Do you remember some old cell phones with the folding system? It appears for two functions to keep appearing a catchy smartphone tablet. What about the Samsung Fold price?

Samsung Galaxy Fold Review on Release, Price, and Specs

You might have ever heard about a smartphone-tablet but this Galaxy Fold differs from common. It is the first folded tablet from a smartphone in the world. When you fold it, it becomes a smartphone but it changes to be a tablet after opening it. Samsung Galaxy Fold review is ready to outline it completely. Samsung Galaxy Fold release date is April 2019 but the company had announced since February 2019. To get this precious communication tool, you can visit some stores. You may purchase on:

By spending that much money, of course, you also get a lot of superiorities. One of them is the color options that are more than black or white. There are Martian Green, Space Silver, Astro Blue, and Cosmos Black. It sounds exciting to hear and hopefully you more attract to follow Samsung Galaxy Fold review. Here are some main Samsung Galaxy Fold specs that most people always search before deciding to purchase it:

1. Design

In this section, this page informs on the screen, dimension, and weight. The screen size appears in 7,3″ for Foldable Dynamic AMOLED and 4,6″ in Super AMOLED. The first size applies 2.152 x 1.536 pixels with cover display 4.2: 3. Meanwhile, another applies 1.680 x 720 pixels, 21:9. Speak the physic dimension, this sophisticated device 60.9 x 62.9 x 15.5 mm in the folding screen. But, it’s 160.9 x 117.9 x 6.9mm when you expand the screen. On the other hand, weight is 263 grams.

2. Camera

Anyway, Samsung Galaxy Fold is extremely well-know with many cameras or six cameras. It is true but this Samsung Galaxy Fold review categories it in three kinds. Firstly, there is a rear camera in three choices 12MP/ 27mm (wide), 12MP/ 52mm (telephoto), and 16MP/ 12mm (ultra-wide). Secondly, it is a front camera in two categories of 10MP / 26mm (wide) and 8MP / 26mm (depth sensor). Lastly, it is the cover camera (front camera) in 10Mp with 26mm (wide) too.

3. Battery

Galaxy Fold from Samsung applies a battery capacity in 4.380 mAh with fast charging of 15watt.

4. Operating System

The operating system also informs on the chipset and GPU. Galaxy Fold uses Android 9 Pie, One UI as the operating system. It applies Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 for the chipset and GPU Adreno 640.

5. Storage system

Galaxy Fold has bigger than others because it reaches 512 internal storage memories. RAM up to 12GB where most smartphones are still 8 GB RAM (max).

The Samsung Galaxy Fold review goes on the biometrics that applies a conventional fingerprint scanner. The location is on the right-hand side. The smartphone-tablet also applies 2D face recognition, USB type-C but it does not support micro-SD slot.

4 Things about the Hardware of Fold that you should know

How does Samsung Galaxy Fold work excellently to change from folding into expanding the screen? This page has the secret on it and it will outline in 4 essential things to know:

  1. The protective cover on over the screen is not a screen protector and now it just tucks under the screen bezel. Here, it is useful to prevent trying and removing it from unauthorized people. For your information. The removing action will damage the screen on the model.
  2. Next, Samsung Galaxy Fold review states there are end caps from tiny plastics to seal the top and bottom gaps. It also ensures the dust cannot get in when you open the folding.
  3. To avoid getting in of small particles, the gap between the body and the hinge on the back is smaller.
  4. It turns out there is metal as extra reinforcement under the polymer display.

7 Other Reviews on Samsung Galaxy Fold

Are you ready to hear all about Galaxy Fold both on good and bad news? You should answer yes pretty you do not surprised hear and face it. Let’s know it in 7 points of good and negative news:

1. It might have a lot of obstacles on the screen

The first issue comes from the screen where people often find the presence of folds. It quite disturbs because the location is in the middle although it is not how bad. Besides that, even a dead or unresponsive screen also emerges the question of product durability. It turns out numerous people are not aware of removing the most essential part that they suppose as protective plastic.

2. This smartphone tablet adds multi-functional Multi-app

Well, it is the advantage of using Galaxy Fold where you can undergo two applications simultaneously. You can do it easily because there are two features inside. Samsung Galaxy Fold review conveys two privilege features of App Continuity and the feature for running applications. Amazingly, you not only run two but until three applications at once. On the other hand, the App Continuity is useful to use the apps from phone mode to phablet mode instantly.

3. Two battery on the phone make it not easy to dead

The battery capacity in 4.380 mAh comes from two batteries because of the folding system does not allow using one piece.

4. Samsung Galaxy Fold is very suitable for selfies enthusiast

There are many cameras on this smartphone and the middle camera is very wide. Selfie fans should try it because this is the widest selfie ever.

5. Its folding ability makes it possible to carry Galaxy Fold anywhere

This is a tablet smartphone that is easy to carry everywhere. You have a smartphone with two screen sizes that you can use at any time. Different from the common tablets cannot insert in the pocket. You quite change the size from7.3” into 4.6 ” before saving in the pocket and carrying it everywhere. The size 7.3″ is perfect for reading books or watching videos comfortably.

6. Quick and smooth transition

Samsung Galaxy Fold review states that the transition from smartphone to tablet or vice versa is very smooth and fast.

7. The first innovation of smartphone tablet in folding system

Briefly, the smartphone-tablet of Samsung Galaxy Fold is the first innovation all over the world.

Today, Samsung Galaxy Fold review informs on complete information from the specs, price, until the bad news. Happy purchasing and enjoying!

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