Root Android Using SuperSU App – One of Best Alternative Root App

Root Android Using SuperSU

SuperSU is an app that could help the Android smartphone users to get the full access without any limit from the protection that was made of the distributor. SuperSU application is use after the process of rooting your Android smartphone has been finished. Because actually, this application gives a right access on some of the application after the access system has got. But sometimes, most of us consider that the way how to use superSU is quite hard because part of the rooting process commands us to apply SuperSU separately. Of course, we think that this way was so complicated. And also searching for SuperSU application isn’t as easy as we think if the rooting procces hasn’t finished perfectly. let’s begin to root android using SuperSu.

Over this time, there are so many kinds of rooting application that has released which ease this process by following SuperSU application on one packet. And it automatically installed without download separately. The one of application that I mean is Framaroot app which so eases the users to root while installing the application to use the right access that has got.

Root Android Using SuperSU App – One of Best Alternative Root App

How to root android using SuperSU means Framaroot application was so easy. The most important thing that we need to understand is your Android Smartphone that wants to be rooted can be supported by Framaroot app. So guys, here are how to root Android using Framaroot app. So that SuperSU app can automatically installed without any separate download :

1. For the first, of course download Framaroot directly from the Android smartphone that you want to root. And install it until the application already to be used.

2. Before doing root, try to prepare your Android smartphone as well as you can on the full battery power condition or at least 60% in order that when the rooting process is running. Your phone isn’t die and postpone or even fail the root process.

3. If it has done with the installation process from Framaroot app. The way of root android using SuperSU application after this is by opening Framaroot application until the menu appears for doing rooting.

4. When you want to start the rooting process there will be the options to install the Superuser or even SuperSU. But for this time, you have to choose SuperSU because the application that you’re gonna install is the right access users that will get after it rooted.

5. If you have chosen SuperSU application the press Aragom in order that the rooting process can be running by Framaroot application system.

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6. You just need to wait, because this process will run automatically and SuperSU application will install until it finishes.

7. If it finished, there will be the notification which sign as the rooting is finish. And ask you to reboot your Android smartphone as the last step of this rooting process.

8. After it has rebooted, to optimize the right access perfectly. Open SuperSU app first then install the binary on the normal mode.

9. If it has done, your Android Smartphone will have a full access right without any limit.

So guys, those are how to root android using SuperSU application through Framaroot application. Then you get the full right access on the Android Smartphone. Goodluck and have a nice trying.