5 Ways How To Reduce Pdf File Size Through Offline And Online

reduce pdf file size

Do you ever have any problems when you try to send PDF Files through email? The problem that you get is the resolution or the size of the file is too big? Don’t worry, everything will have any solution. Well, actually there are a lot of ways how to reduce PDF file size whether through online or even through offline. Most of people have been well-known with the PDF reducer software, meanwhile, there are also another ways that we can use and utilize such as Microsoft Office- Word or even Adobe Acrobat XI Pro application.

5 Ways How To Reduce Pdf File Size Through Offline And Online

Based on the title, it will directly declare the way how to reduce PDF File size through online also through offline which produces kind of result based on the content itself even sometimes if the file consists of many pictures the result is a bit not significant. Here are the 5 ways that we can use. From those 5 ways, every single app produce different qualities and also a different sizes too. So this is the result when it has been compared.

  1. Microsoft Word 2016 4 MB becomes 952 KB
  2. Free PDF Compressor – 850 KB.
  3. Adobe Acrobat XI Pro – 842 KB (A bit blur result)
  4. SmallPDF – 675 KB
  5. ORPALIS PDF Reducer – 821 KB

1. Compress PDF file size using Microsoft Word

If you are the users of Microsoft Office 2013 and up, so you can utilize the Microsoft Word 2013 or up to reduce the size of PDF file, and here are the steps and I will use Microsoft Word 2016 to reduce PDF file size.

2. Reduce PDF file size Through Free PDF Compressor Software

The superiority of this app is easy to be used but the weakness here is it can only compress one file at one process. This app has 5 ratio compress those are the screen, e-book, printer, prepress, and default. Those 5 settings differ based on the quality of the file which produced. If you want to get the smallest one, you have to try a screen setting. Here are the steps to use Free PDF Compressor Software

Well, it can be called as the most satisfying PDF reducer because from the original file with 4 MB Size after it has been compressed the result becomes 850 KB. Surprisingly, after it has been opened the result are still the same with the previous one. It means that whether it was a letter of text or even the picture it can be scan perfectly with this application. So this is the most recommended one.

3. Compress PDF file size using Adobe Acrobat XI PRO

The third alternative that we can use to compress PDF File is by using the Adobe Acrobat XI PRO. So here are the steps of use it.

4. Compress PDF file size through online

For the first, actually in out there, there so many sites which provide PDF compress services and the best one here is the small PDF app. This site was so easy to be used. You don’t need to register and any other. You just need to upload the file, compress and download the result, so here are the steps.

5. Reduce PDF file size using ORPALIS PDF Reducer Free app

The fourth alternative here and quite properly to you who searching for free software, easy to be used and safe of course, because you don’t need to upload file like when compressing the file through online in small PDF app. Here are the complete details:

It would better if the PDF file compress becomes smaller, check again the file and compare with the original one and always try to scan the application that you are going to use in order that to get a safe result. Hopefully it would be beneficial for you. Goodluck !

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