Ranks List in Call of Duty Mobile – The Lower to the Highest Rank

Ranks List in Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is a game that interests so many game lovers around the world. It is a shooter game that presents a great battlefield. This game also has various ranks that can measure how skillful the players play this game. You can see the ranks list in Call of Duty Mobile when you are curious about them. Concerning COD mobile rank list 2019, there are two kinds of rank in this game. They are a rank in Battle Royale mode and the other one is a rank in a multiplayer battle.

The Ranking List in Call of Duty Mobile of Multiplayer Mode

As the multiplayer battle mode is more interesting to play, you can see the kinds of rank in this mode. Are you curious about them? If you are, just have a good look at the explanation below to find the answer.

1. Rookie

Ranks List in Call of Duty Mobile

This is the lowest rank in multiplayer mode that you will find if you play this game. In this rank, there are 5 degrees you should pass if you want to go to a higher rank. They are Rookie I to Rookie V. Every degree of this kind of ranking list in Call of Duty Mobile has certain points and reward you can get.

2. Veteran

Ranks List in Call of Duty Mobile

After you pass the five degrees in the Rookie rank, you will go to a new rank. Yes, it is the Veteran. This kind of rank list in Call of Duty Mobile needs more skill if you want to fight for a better degree. It can be so since in this rank, all players commonly understand the field, perks usages, and also attachment. Like the Rookie rank, this rank also has five degrees to pass if the players want to go to the next rank. The players will get more interesting rewards for every degree they play.

3. Elite

The third rank you will find while playing Call of Duty mobile is Elite. Of course, all players who have reached this rank have better skills than those who are in the Veteran rank. They will compete with the great players that occupy this rank. As the previous ranks mentioned above, this rank also has 5 degrees to pass to go to the higher one. They are Elite I to Elite V.

4. Pro

Going to the higher rank in COD Mobile, you will find Pro. As the name, this rank contains some players that have been familiar with the battlefield area. They also have had a good understanding of the tactic they use. With the hard competition in this rank, don’t be shocked if you find some players that want to be serious in e-sport.

5. Master

This is the second-highest rank in COD Mobile. There are some best pro players that have passed the Pro rank in this kind of ranks list in Call of Duty Mobile weapon. So, your competitors when you go to this rank will have great gameplay with a fast and precise decision.

6. Legendary

Legendary is the highest COD mobile rank list. It can be the rank of hell to all players who play in it. When you go to this rank, you will feel the real battlefield of Call of Duty. it can happen since some best players like top global, e-sport player, and others occupy this rank. So, you can imagine how tight the competition of this rank. If the players do not have perfect gameplay, they will not be able to reach this rank.

Tips to Push the Higher Rank

After knowing the ranks list in Call of Duty Mobile above, now you need to know how to reach a better rank. So, pay attention to the following explanation

1. Play with friends in full squad

You need to have good cooperation and be unified with your team if you want to win the game. In this case, to play with friends in full squad is the best way to do.

2. Always pay attention to the safe zone changes

To get the best point in the rank, you need to survive to the end of the game. Thus, you have to notice the rotation of the safe zone. Try to look for a safer place that you feel can help you get the next safe zone. Just do it until the end of the game. Don’t just think about killing enemies as many as possible.

3. Don’t forget to notice the looting of the squad

This kind of right tips is necessary to do. When the loot of your squad is always good, there will be a big chance of victory. Your team will not lose the medkit or missile when the team fights happen.

Well, that is all about the ranks list in Call of Duty Mobile and tips to get better rank in this game. You can learn them well to be able to play this game like some professional players.