Rank List in Mobile Legends – Let’s Measure Your Skill

Do you play Mobile legends? If so, you increase your skill by joining a ranked mode. With this mode, you will find opponents that have the same skill level as your skill. Thus, you can measure how good your gameplay in this mode is. Then, there is rank list in mobile legends you need to know when you play this mode. The higher rank of this game will present a more epic battle for you. It can happen since there are so many professional players that play in the high-rank ml.

7 Kinds of the Rank List in Mobile Legends

When you want to know the list of the ranks in Mobile Legends game, don’t worry! This information will help you to provide those rank lists below. So, please pay attention carefully!

1. Warrior

This kind of the rank list in mobile legends is the first level rank that is played by every gamer of Mobile Legends. So, it can also be said as the beginner level of Mobile Legends players. However, a professional player can also make a new account so he can play in this rank. Then, you need to know that this rank Warrior has a level that starts from Warrior 3 – Warrior 1. It is completed with three starts to go up to the next rank.

In addition, you can get a gift when you finish the season in this rank. Greatly, it is such as one time of the Fragment Skin Premium, 1000 Battle Point, and 100 Tickets.

2. Elite

After the first rank, there is a rank of Elite that shows a gamer of Mobile Legends who is more experienced. This rank will be played by the gamers who have understood the ways to play the MOBA game. They, of course, understand the basic matters in this online game. The levels of this rank you should pass in this tier are Elite 3 to Elite 1. Then, you have to know that this level offers the prizes of 3x premium skill fragments, 3000 battle points, and 200 M ticket.

3. Master

After you reach Elite 1, your account of this game will be promoted to master when the required stars are achieved. In this kind of rank list in mobile legends, you need to level up your rank from master 4 to master 1. You should be able to do it if you want to go to the next rank level. Then, you need to know that each level of this rank needs 5 stars to go to a higher level. So, try to fulfill this requirement to go higher.

4. Grandmaster

When you have successfully passed the rank of Master, you will be promoted to Grandmaster. From this level, you may feel that the game become more difficult than before. It can happen since there are some experienced players that play in this rank and match with you.

So, Don’t be shocked about it. Moreover, this rank level lets you pass five levels to go to the higher rank level. The levels you should pass in this tier are Grandmaster 5 to Grandmaster 1. Make sure you finish each level to go higher and higher.

5. Epic

This rank level will come to you when you have finished every level in Grandmaster. In this tier, you deal with the draft pick mode. In this mode, both your team and opponent should ban 2 heroes.

So, there will be 4 heroes that are banned in the match. Besides, you will not be able to play the same hero as being picked by the enemy. So, make sure you master many heroes when you come to this kind of rank list in mobile legends.

6. Legend

In this level, the rule is the same as what you should do in epic rank. The difference is the players’ skill has a higher level than those who are at the epic rank level. So, you need to improve your skill or gameplay if you want to survive in this rank level.

7. Mythic

This is the highest rank you can reach if you have passed every level in Legend. In this tier of rank list in mobile legends, you will still deal with a draft pick mode. But, both your team and your opponent should ban 3 heroes. So, there will be 6 heroes that are banned in this mode. Then, you should become a high-skill experienced player if you want to reach this tier. If you cannot do it, it is impossible for you to achieve this highest rank level.

Well, that is all you need to know about rank list in mobile legends. Get your desirable rank level based on the information above.

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