PUBG Mobile Arcade Mode Tips

Nowadays, there were a new updates of PUBG Mobile. This games provide an Arcade mode which more funniest and challenging than the Classic mode. To win and get it you can try a lot of ways that have been spread out side around this world.  On the newest update of PUBG games on Mobile phone with 0.4.0 version. The Tencent Games present the newest mode that has been called on the first paragraph. That is Arcade mode which completed with a higher skill. Besides that, this mode serves you a short game play that might a busy gamer but still want to play this game. Let’s learn more about PUBG mobile arcade mode tips, playing PUBG Mobile in Arcade Mode.

PUBG Mobile Arcade Mode Tips

To get a chicken dinner it was not as easy as we think. There must be a lot of ways, steps, tips and tricks and so many else that we need to pass. So here is an obligation ways or tips to play an Arcade mode on PUBG games in Mobile Phone, PUBG Mobile Arcade Mode Tips:

  • Learn more the Battle-Field

The first, the Arcade mode was only competing for about 28 people in the more narrow competition are. The blue zone will also more narrow and the duration of PUBG games in Mobile phone. It’s only less than 10 minutes to become shorter. Sometimes, the Arcade mode in PUBG games of Mobile phone will choose the area which is consist of a lot of weapons and items. It even started from Pochincki, Georgepol or a Military Base.

  • Mastering the Control of the Games

The second of PUBG mobile arcade mode tips, important thing on playing an Arcade mode or even playing a Classic mode at once is to master the control which available on a PUBG game in Mobile. There are many people think that control game on PUBG Mobile itself is the easiest one to be used than another battle royale game mobile. Different from the Classic mode, you will need more speed on controlling Arcade mode, indeed. Your speed will be tested when it was moved by moving the camera and shot the other enemies.

  • Activate the Automatically Loot Mode

The third tips of playing in Arcade mode in PUBG games of Mobile Phone is to activate the automatical loot mode which available on the setting menu. In this case, you don’t confused on taking the weapon or what ever things even the item in this game.

  • Jump Down Faster

For the fourth , You need to directly decide which land fall that you choose on Arcade mode. You could not keep longer to decide it. You are extremely demand to choose which location that you will landing for while looting quickly. When you were landing, you could increase your speed up by holding up the analogue to the up side to get fast landing on the mainland. Look around the are to detect is there any enemy near you or not.

  • Priority The Best Chosen one weapon

For the next of PUBG mobile Arcade mode tips, in Arcade mode of PUBG games in Mobile Phone has 6 kinds of variation. Those are: a gun, a bullet gun, the all gun, short direction gun, a pistol and last one is heaven item. In this case, You can’t chose the mode and you will play randomly. But when you were playing in this games, you better take whatever gun which exist in front of you.

  • Attack them! No need to be doubt

Next one, If in a classic mode, you were asked to play with careful to become the last one. In an Arcade mode you will attack and fight them funnier without any doubt anymore. Moreover, in this mode you just have a limited ammunition and item. You will pretend to be died on playing in this mode.

  • Keep Intention on the Mini Map

And the last one  of PUBG mobile arcade mode tips, even you will face a competition with a higher tension than a classic mode. Here you do need to keep an intention on the mini map. In this case, you will also can know the position of your enemy through the sound of the foot steps or even the sound of the gunshot.

There are 7 ways or tips to play in Arcade mode on PUBG game in Mobile Phone. In a short time, the Arcade mode is proper to be played when you were in a spare time.

So, those are PUBG Mobile Arcade Mode Tips. Hopefully, it would give a lot of benefits. Good luck and have a nice trying!