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7 Ways to Get Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends – Bang Bang Guide

Get Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends

Actually, in Mobile Legends games itself, there are many kinds of currency that you can get, those are Battle Points, Ticket, Fragments, and Diamonds. As the one of premium currency in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang games for getting the Diamonds bonus it’s not as easy as you think. Even like that, there are still many ways that you can do to get free diamonds in Mobile Legends games and bonus diamonds. In the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang games, the Diamonds can be used for many things, such as:

  1. Buy the Heroes
  2. Buy the Skin
  3. Turn the Lucky Spin
  4. Get Free Skin Rare from the event
  5. Send Diamonds to the other gamer
  6. Send the Skin to the other gamer
  7. Choose the Hero in the Brawl mode

How to Get Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends

1. Doing Live Streaming

Doing live streaming is the first way for getting the Diamond free. The Mobile Legends games have the Live streaming feature whereas you can see the other people’s play in a real time. When you watch the live streaming, you can directly give the Diamond. Here is the number that you can give:

– Flower: 2 Diamonds

– Jewelry: 6 Diamonds

– Roadster: 250 Diamonds

– Yacht: 1000 Diamonds

– Airplane: 5000 Diamonds

By activating the Live Streaming feature, there is a big possibility that you are also given the Diamonds bonus by the people those who like your playing. Visit here to get tips for how to get more viewer when live stream in Mobile Legends.

2. Follow the Tournament

The second way for getting the Diamond free is following the tournament. At this time, Moonton as the developer of the Mobile Legends game has the tournament that you and your team squad can follow. The number of the gift is expensive enough, those are:

– Squad Winner: 50.000 Diamonds/member

– 2nd position: 30.000 Diamonds/member

– 3rd and 4th Position: 15.000 Diamonds/member

– 5th to 8th Position: 10.000 Diamonds/member

By following and winning some of tournament, you must get the Diamonds Bonus.

3. Following the giveaway from the game news portal

Numerous game news portals are ready to give free diamonds for your Mobile Legends. One of them is Esportsku and you should visit to utilize it.

4. Following the giveaway from the game store

Discover the game stores that are making giveaway both online and other ways. It is your time to get Mobile Legends’ diamonds freely. Usually, the game store makes it for maintaining old customers and look for new customers.

5. Through apps earn money

For the third and the last way for getting the free Diamond is Mobile Legends is by using some of apps to earn money or get free diamonds from the app

6. Make use of giveaway from YouTuber

Open your YouTube application and search the content creators that focus on games. Look for them that choose Mobile Legends as the topic of the content.

Subscribe their channels, follow, like, share, and comment. Later on, you will get a chance to follow their giveaway and win free diamonds. But, each creator may give different amounts for a free diamond

7. Official Mobile Legends’ giveaway

Lastly, you can follow the social media giveaway from the official Mobile Legends. The giveaway is effective to increase the brand (brand activating) of the game. Usually, the game producer will activate the brand by creating and improving it.

So, the fans (players) are more interesting in Mobile Legends and make it more popular. To get free diamonds Mobile Legends, you quite follow the social media account or review the game. You can review that game that you see in the advertisement.

Once more, you can use mobile legends cheat but this way is wrong and not secure. You should avoid it although this way is available plenty on the internet. Using one or all ways above is safe and effective. If you have got a lot of money, you are automatically can buy the Diamonds of Mobile Legends by using phone credit. You are not forced to use that way and it’s okay if you have another insight or another way to get the Diamonds Bonus.

How to Get Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends Daily

Diamonds are very useful in Mobile Legends. With them, you can buy some items like skin, hero, and other things instantly. Besides, you can even use it to play a lucky spin with great rewards. Considering that MLBB free diamond has various usages, you can earn free diamonds Mobile Legends daily. You can find a diamond without spending a little money. So, if you want to get more items in Mobile Legends faster, you can earn more diamonds by following the tips below.

If you do the right tips, you have a chance to get instant free diamonds Mobile Legends daily rewards. Here are 4 recommended tips you can follow.

1. Be a streamer

This way is so popular for some professional players to get free diamonds. They can stream from their channels every day. By streaming, they are possible to get many diamonds if the viewers like the streaming and send gifts. If you like this firs way to get diamonds, you should reach the rank master or above first. Without that rank, you cannot go streaming.
In Mobile Legends, there are 5 kinds of gifts that the streamers can get. Here they are:

  • Flower

The first is a flower. With this gift, the streamers who get it will gain 2 diamonds.

  • jewelry

The second is jewelry. It gives the streamers 6 diamonds.

  • Roadster

The next gift is a roadster that is the same with 250 diamonds for the streamers.

  • Yacht

Then, there is a Yacht to use as a gift. It has a big value of diamonds when it is sent by the viewer. When you get it, it means you receive 1000 diamonds.

  • Airplane

This gift is the biggest one the streamers can get. They will get free 5000 diamonds when the viewers send this gift to them.

2. Contribute to Community

Besides being a streamer, you can also get another way to find diamonds by contributing to the MLBB community. One of the contributions you can do in the community is by being a moderator to lead a certain discussion. With it, you will receive diamonds freely from Moonton as a reward.

3. Joining a tournament

Another way to get instant free diamonds Mobile Legends daily rewards is by joining a tournament. You can follow that event with your squad. The reward that is provided is so big. Besides money, you will have a chance to get many diamonds. The reward you will get if you win the tournament can reach 50.000 diamonds. So, you can buy many rare items in this game with it instantly.

4. Following the giveaway event

In some conditions, some professional players or streamers provide a giveaway to make their channel more popular. It usually happens in big streaming media like Youtube or other apps. With a little opportunity to get a reward from a streamer, you can just try to follow it for fun. If you are lucky, you can be a person that gets a big reward.

6 Advantages of having Plenty of Diamonds

There are 6 advantages to having plenty of diamonds in your Mobile Legends game. After obtaining free diamonds Mobile Legends, you can:

  • Purchase new skin for your hero/ heroine
  • Form your squads with the name that you make alone. Your squad helps to get friends to join Moonton tournament or play together.
  • Get Magic Wheel under the lucky spin
  • You can get new Emblem Pack and Dust
  • It turns out the diamond assists to purchase hero
  • You can get exclusive item only by utilizing your diamond

Well, diamonds give many advantages to you during playing your game. That is all about the tips to get free diamonds in Mobile Legends daily you can try. Don’t give up trying before you are successful to reach what you want.

Risks And Disadvantages of Rooting Android That You Have to Know

Risks And Disadvantages of Rooting Android

Root is something that familiar around the Android users. And if you read this, you must be using android also. Let me tell you about Root Android correctly. Rooting Android is a process with a high possibility to get an access and full control with your Android smartphone. Actually, Android itself is similar to jailbreak in iPhone or h4ck in Symbian. The Android users have their own reason why they choose to root their Android phone. Let me tell you one of the reasons why the Android users choose to root their Android smartphone, that is because they can free an access on installing a lot of apps in the market or non- market which is spread in out there. It is the advantages of rooting android but there are risks and disadvantages of rooting android that you have to know before you begin to root your android.

If you choose to root your Android you will get a lot of advantage, such as free in modifying the theme, free apply and install the application, remove the default application, you can customize, and there are still a lot of advantage that you will get by rooting your Android smartphone. But literally, all the things in this world must have the advantages and the disadvantages. The negative and the positive side. The cause and the effect.

Risks And Disadvantages of Rooting Android

Rooting your Android smartphone there are still the risk and the disadvantage that you have to know. And here are the list of risks and disadvantages of rooting Android smartphone.

1. You might lose your guarantee

The first, In the process of rooting your Android smartphone, it can make the guarantee that gave by the factory gone. And if you bring your android smartphone to the service center, it must be can’t get the guarantee even the last guarantee is still haven’t finished yet. It caused by when the rooting process is running. It was automatically broke or removing the seal that has been applied to your android smartphone.

2. The risk if the root is failed

The second, if your root process is failed, it must be sure if your phone gonna restart the process from the first and it may take a long time. in another side, the most severe possibility if you fail in the root process is your android smartphone gonna boot loop or totally dead.

3. Susceptible to the virus

The third, after the android users have been finished rooted their Android smartphone. There is part of them still complain because of their smartphone is getting a slow response as the effect of rooting process and the virus attack their smartphone. It happens because the firewall is opened when the rooting process is running. But don’t worry, everything can be solved. You can solve it by using the anti-virus application that you can find in the Google Play Store.

4. The phone is getting weak

The last, many problems can be found in the android smartphone when the rooting process is done. That is the smartphone quality which is forced to be worked harder and doing something out of the smartphone ability itself. This thing can make the android smartphone can not stand longer. The smartphone will be easier for getting hot when we over usage.

Before you try to root your android smartphone. I suggest you to choose the right android smartphone which is able to root especially to increase the risk after the phone is rooted. All the decision in your hands. If you think and consider that your smartphone is needed to be root because of the quality. And the ability is haven’t maximal yet, just root your android smartphone. But, if you feel that your Android smartphone has been completed it means your smartphone has a high spec, high-class feature. So you are not too need to root your smartphone.

Those are the explanation of risks and disadvantages of rooting android smartphone. Hopefully, it might give the good effect for the reader. Good luck!!

The 6 Best Upcoming Phones 2018 That You Have to Know

Upcoming phones 2018

As we can see and we have known on the last 2017 there are a lot of advance smartphone that has been released. If we talk about technology, it will be no end and limit and of course it will always expand. So don’t miss the technology OK!. And now, in 2018 there are many companies that will be compete to make a smartphone which cooler and more advance. So follow me to know the 6 best upcoming phones 2018 below :

The 6 Best Upcoming Phones 2018

Iam sure that you curious what are the 6 super advance and cool smartphone that will release in 2018. Here are the list and the explanation:

1. Samsung Galaxy S9/ Note 9

Best Upcoming Smartphones 2018

I’am strongly believe that all people know and familiar with “Samsung”. Every year, Samsung release many type of their smartphone. in 2017 Samsung released Samsung S8, S8+ and Galaxy Note 8. And at this time Samsung smartphone will present Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus in the spring session and Note 9 in autumn session. There is rumor if Samsung might be enclose the fingerprint scanner under the screen of Samsung Galaxy S9 and make Samsung Note 9 as the fold phone.

2. Apple iPhone Xs

Best Upcoming Smartphones 2018

There’s no doubt of the quality if we talk about Apple device. It has been ensure if Apple iPhone Xs will have a lot of advances like iPhone X and give the better product than the last product that has been spread.

3. Nokia 9

Best Upcoming Smartphones 2018, Nokia 9

And here is Nokia 9. This devica has a great camera with the Zeiss optic and snapdragon 835. This smartphone bring the storage 128 GB and RAM 4 GB and Android 8.0 (Oreo). The battery capacity of this smartphone is 3.250 mAh with fast charger.

4. Xperia XZ2

Best Upcoming Smartphones 2018, Sony Xperia XZ2

The first rank is goes to Xperia XZ2, as i hears that this smartphone will having Aualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and have battery capacity that is 3.130 mAh. Smartphone Xperia XZ2 and had been equiped withe the newest android operation system. This smartphone have as screen 5,48 inch Full HD HDR Triluminos and RAM 4 GBD with 64 GB storage. Are you sure that you don’t wanna buy it?

5. Huawei P11

Best Upcoming Smartphones 2018, Huawei P11

Huawei P11 is located in the 4 rank. This smartphone may can be have a powerful camera that is 40 MP with RAM 8 GB. Huawei itself is called as the competitor of iPhone X because of the 3D face scanning feature. As i heard, Huawei P11 Smartphone will be release in the Mobile World Congress 2018.
On the following month, February.

6. Google Pixel 3 and 3XL

Best Upcoming Smartphones 2018, Google Pixel 3

You’re gonna feel weird when you hear that Google wanna release the smartphone. Yup! This smartphone will be release with many increases in the several feature, those are the screen component, battery, camera an the artificial intelligence (AI) and the machine learning (ML) in the every feature that can be the complement of the first and the second generation.

Those are the 6 best upcoming phones 2018 that will be release this year. Hoping that it would give the benefits for you to help you choose what a smartphone that you’re gonna buy in this 2018.

Kagura Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – Magic Umbrella, Skills, Tips Tricks

Kagura Guide hero, Kagura hero

Generally, the hero of Moge in mobile legends is provided by the big damage skill to the enemies hero. Not without the requirement, on of that need some perfect control with the high difficulty level. The Onmyouji Master, Kagura. She is one of the high difficulty levels of heroes Mage seems like Pharsa, Vexana, Alice and the other Hero. And here, i would like to give you some Kagura hero guide in Mobile Legends if you’re gonna use Kagura. And it was completed with the build item, tips and trick that may you can try. If you never play this game, you better read best guide of mobile legends for beginner and 6 strongest heroes of mobile legends first, because you are not confused to play this game.

Kagura Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

Kagura hero Guide

Kagura is a Mage hero role. Her attendance in this game has been long. Because of her popularity, Kagura hero ever gets the nerf for many times. As the insight, you can buy Kagura with 32000 BP or 599 Diamonds. Over this time, Kagura has 3 skin those are Onmyouji Master, Flower Season and Cherry Witch. Kagura is well-known as the specialization of Damage/Reap, she also the effective killer of the enemies hero. Are you curious what’s the thing that we need to prepare for playing with Kagura? Let’s check this out.

Kagura Skill in Mobile Legends

Kagura Guide in Mobile Legends

Before going to the build item which recommended for Kagura itself, it would better if you know and understand what is the skill of the Mage Hero, Kagura from the first. Don’t go anyway, keep on kagura hero guide in mobile legends.

Kagura’s Passive Skill: Yin Yang Gathering

When the Seimei Umbrella and Kagura are united, it will result in the shield and giving stun to the closest enemy. Not only that, Kagura also give the slow effect and postpone her movement in 4.5 in a second.

Kagura Skill 1: Seimei Umbrella Open
  • Cooldown: 5.0 second
  • Mana Cost: 60

When Kagura hold her Seimei Umbrella, Kagura gonna move her umbrella to another place that has been directed. Kagura Skill 2: Rasho Umbrella Flee

  • Cooldown: 12.0 second
  • Mana Cost: 80

When she is holding her umbrella, Kagura will go jump to the places that have been specified and left her umbrella and removing the debuff effect. If it combines with the Skill 1, Kagura will go jump without holding her umbrella, she will go jump to the Seimei Umbrella place and giving the magic damage to the closest enemy.

Kagura Ultimate Skill: Yin Yang Overturn
  • Cooldown: 43.0 second
  • Mana Cost: 85

When Kagura holding her umbrella, Kagura will give the magic damage to the enemy around her, she will beat back the enemy and give the slow effect. When Kagura threw her umbrella, the ultimate skill will produce the magic damage around the umbrella and decrease the movement speed. Another that, there will be the chain that will attract the enemy and produce then additional magic damage after 3 seconds. Meanwhile, when Kagura activate the ultimate skill, the Seimei Umbrella Open skill will cooldown reset automatically.

Build Item of Kagura in Mobile Legends

Kagura Hero Guide, Kagura hero

the next of kagura hero guide in mobile legends is build item of kagura. Kagura is well-known as the specialize of Damage/Reap which is can make her being effective on killing the enemy. To maximalize that, you can add the item which can increase the Magic Power to Kagura. Not only that, Kagura hero also need the spamming skill and also needing the several items to maximalize the Mana usage and increase the Cooldown usage. Here is the Build Item which considers as the flexible guide. So that, you can change it depend on the competition condition.

1. Arcane Boots (movement): Arcane Boots is a boots item that increasing +15 Magic Penetration and increasing +40 movement speed.

2. Glowing Wand (magic): Glowing Wand will be increased +75 Magic Power increased with +15 Magic Penetration. There is also +5% Movement speed for increasing Kagura’s Movement.

3. Lighting Truncheon (magic): Lightning Truncheon could giving the big damage to the enemy with +75 Magic Power. Another that, there is +30 Mana Regen to activate the Mana user.

4. Concentrated Energy (magic): Concentrated Energy will give +70 magic power and +700 HP for Kagura soul. In the every time killing the enemy, there is regen 10% from HP.

5. Calamity Reaper (magic): Calamity Reaper will give +70 Magic Power, +400 Mana, and +10% Cooldown Reduction.

6. Blood Wings (magic): Blood Wings whing being the obedient item, Mage will give +150 Magic Power and increasing +150 HP from Kagura.

Another that, at least there are 3 battle spells which recommended for playing Kagura. You can choose it based on the team composition when the Mobile Legends competition were running.

– Stun

This skill will give the magic damage and the stun effect for about 0.7 seconds on the enemy around Kagura, then can ease Kagura to direct her skill.

– Flicker

You can use this skill event to escape or kill the enemies hero that dying by chasing them.

– Retribution

Especially for this jungling skill, you can use it for increasing Kagura’s level quickly. Don’t forget to take the buff to add the effect. Meanwhile, for the emblems that Kagura usually use is Common Magic Emblem or Custom Mage Emblem.

Tips Tricks of Kagura in Mobile Legends

The last of kagura hero guide in mobile legends, I will talk about tips tricks of kagura. Honestly, Kagura is the hero that really hard to be controlled. But it’s dangerous if it falls into the right hands. Kagura itself has 6 active skills that you can be spamming when ganking or fight the enemies hero. On the first competition, Kagura was so effective when she uses in the middle lane and kill the enemies creep quickly by Seimei Umbrella Open skill. Don’t forget to take the buff and increase the level because of the jungling skill which is enough fast.

For the attack combination, you can use the pattern skill 1 > ultimate skill > skill 2 > ultimate skill > skill 11.
Here are the explanation:

1.  With the skill 1, Kagura will throw the Seimei Umbrell to the enemies existence. Just activate the ultimate skill for giving the magic damage and tie up the enemy.

2. Wait until 3 seconds and the enemy will be attracted to the umbrella. Then jump with the skill 2 to go to the enemies place.

3. If the enemies HP is dying and try to escape, you can cash them and combine it with the Kagura skill 1.

Those are kagura hero guide in Mobile Legends, skills, build item Kagura and the several following tips and trick that you can try. For the information, those guide above is not force you to follow those guide so you can combine or compare it with the other. Good luck!

The 6 Strongest Heroes of Mobile Legends From The Every Role

Strongest Heroes of Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a game with the genre “Multiplayer Online Battle Arena” (MOBA) which is expanding by Mooton. This game is one of the best android game in the world. Mobile Legends is seems like the others MOBA games. Mobile Legends has 6 roles those are Assassin, Fighter, Mage, Marksman, Support and Tank with its own speciality. If we are discussing about Mobile Legends, we’re gonna debate about who is the strongest hero of Mobile Legends? And here are the answer. Here are the 6 strongest heroes of Mobile Legends from the every role. Guess, which one is the best?


Over this time, Mobile Legends has 54 heroes from the every role that you can play. From the 6 available role, which is the best of the every role?

1. The Strongest Hero TankAkai

strongest heroes of Mobile Legends, Akai

Since rework season, Akai chang as the Warrior Panda that using stick as his main weapon. Akai itself is the Tank hero role of Mobile Legends which is not only having a thick enough Health Point. As the hero Tank, Akai also provided a pretty enough skill for killing the enemy. You can also combine 2 Blender skill for giving the physical damage and increasing the enemy’s attack that has been marked. If you use Akai for the hero, you can rely on his jump skill which calles 1 Thousand Pounder skill and hit the enemy for staying away through the ultimate Hurricane Dance skill. It’s have not finished yet dude. Do not to increase your teamwork to kill the enemies hero that has been fall down because of Akai ultimate skill. You can come to the guide of Akai hero completely in here : The Guide of Akai Hero.

2. The Strongest Hero AssassinFanny

strongest heroes of Mobile Legends, Fanny

Fanny is one of the strongest heroes of mobile legends and fanny being the best hero of Mobile Legends from the Assassin role because of her agility on doing dive tower and avoiding enemies attack. Fanny is also bring up by the kill hero ability in a fast time with the big damage. She is also has the Air Superiority passive skill and 2 Steel Cable skill that you have to worried from the strongest hero from The Assassin. When in the air, you need to watchful the speed of Fanny’s movement. Moreover, if it combine with the 1 Tornado Strike skill and ultimate Cut Throat skill. Unfortunately, for using Fanny you need to doing a lot of exercise. Because, Fanny has a high difficulty level and 3 Steel Cable skill control which is called a bit hard.

3. The Strongest Mage HeroKAGURA

Kagura Guide in Mobile Legends

Kagura is the strongest hero of Mobile Legends which is her existence is enough longer in this game. She’s ever getting over nerf, Kagura can stand up again by her several big damages skill. Kagura was popular by RRQ Lemon as the Top Global Player this hero. By using her wonderful umbrella, this Onmyouji Master can be spamming skill to the enemies hero and can doing kill with the short time. The combination skill that Kagura can do are:

1 seimei Umbrella Open skill > 2 Yin Yang Overturn skill > 2 Rasho Umbrella Flee skill > ultimate Yin Yang Overturn skill > 2 Rasho Umbrella Flee skill > 1 Seimei Umbrella Open skill.

4. The Strongest Marksman HeroIrithel

Over this time, Irithel being one and only one hero of Mobile Legends that using his pet which is called Leo. Because of Leo, Irithel can activate his Jungle Heart passive skill that can make him can doing the basic attack while walking. Irithel is a reallt strength hero of Mobile Legends when he is playing late game. So that, you have to hurry up to level up and submit the hold to strenghten this one Marksman hero. You can activate 1 Strafe skill for decreasing the enemies defense. And for the next, for jumping to the enemy side is by using ultimate Heavy Crossbow skill which is following by 2 Force OF The Queen skill. If the enemies Health Point of your enemy is bit remaining, the Irithel can kill them by using basic attack.

5. The Strongest Fighter HeroRoger

Roger being one of special hero and having unique skill then the others heroes of Mobile Legends. How could it be? Because basically Roger is Werewolf that can be change into two mode, that is human and wolf. When in the shape of human, Roger is a Marksman which tough and strong. Moreover, when he is change into wolf mode, Roger can be the Fighter that you have to be alert of his every attacks. Roger is too effective when he is the wolf mode. When the war is opened, Roger can be change through his ultimate Wolf Transformation skill. And if you want to try it, increase the attack speed and movement speed through 2 Bloodhirsty Howl skill and kill the enemy with 1 Lycan Pounce skill. If Roger has been come out this combination skill, it make the heroes of Marksman and Mage get worry.

6. The Strongest Support HeroDiggie

The Diggie hero besides having a cute shape, Diggie has Young Again passive skill that can make him can not be die. The Diggie hero itself is one of strongest heroes of Mobile Legends from support role which really match to be played with Odette and the other. Being a little cute owl as the time controller, Diggie’s skill really help his team in a war. The Diggie hero gonna give the stun effect, slow, immunity and shield even enemies hero or team.

By 1 Time Bomb skill, Diggie can resulting the damage and stun effect aroun the area. It’s depend on when the time bomb is explode. If the enemy get the stun effect, continue it by 2 Reserve Time skill for giving the slow effect dan return the enemy to the first place.

For the last, if you are in a war, activate your ultimate Time Journey skill that can make your team strong to the crowd control attack and also giving the shield while several times. Those are the strongest heroes of Mobile Legends in the every role. Everyone have their own opinion. Or maybe, you think that you have another opinion that there are another hero that can change the strongest heroes of mobile legends above. Hopefully this article could give a lot of beneficial for you the readers and don’t forget read also best guide of mobile legends for beginner.

The Best Guide of Mobile Legends For Beginner – Bang Bang Guide

Best Guide of Mobile Legends

Are you the beginner of mobile legends? this is the best guide of mobile legends for beginner, let’s read this before you begin to play the game for first time. As we can see from the tittle, Mobile Legend is the strategy MOBA game which is rely on team fight. And now, I have a good news for you. I’m gonna tell you about the best guide of Mobile Legends for beginner – Bang Bang beginner guide

The Best Guide of Mobile Legends For Beginner

1. Master the Principle to Using Hero

Best Guide of Mobile Legends

Mastery having a game of Mobile Legend is the thing that you have to applicable. For mastery one or two heroes for the first, it will help you to be familiar with the game even not exercising many characters of Mobile Legend. You can try all heroes but i suggest you to take the hero with the character based on your playing style. The character rotation also needs to know the kind of class. As we ever got any advice. When you’re getting lose of fail it will give you some lesson. It seems like playing in this game, when you’re lose you can take it as the lesson and you can more mastering the character which makes you getting lose. Remember that experience is the best teacher.

2.Know Every Character of Hero

Best Guide of Mobile Legends

MOBA is a game that needs a teamwork and strategy. You do not fight your enemy team alone, but you’re playing as a team. Here are the best guide of Mobile Legends role:

– Carry: is the character which playing as the damage dealer on the competition. This type really needs help from support to make carry the killer monster. Usually, carry is a marksmen or mage which is focused on damage.

– Tank: Is an insiatior in a team and also as the front line in a game. The role of Tank is the most receive from damage in a team fight to support carry. So that, you have to make a right decision if you to be Tank!

– Support: This type is not too popular and disposed under rated. So your sole here is guarantee carry to stand longer in a team fight. The role of support is very important in a team fight which intens. So don’t try to underestimate support.

– Jungler: Not like the other type which playing in the lane, this type is playing the jungle and need to memorize and realise with the map! But Jungler can also be the inisiator in a gank or counter gank

3. Exercising Last Hit Minion

Minion will support your finance in your first period. The Last hit is very important to kill minion for getting many golds. But exercising the last hit continuously, you will get a well economic in a game. The reason why we should mastering one hero is to habit the last hit. The longer you use the character you are getting used with the damage per level and the effective item to do last hit.

4. Always be Alert with the Maps

Especially for you as the beginner, don’t forget to always check the map! By being alert to be checking the map, you can be estimated your enemy movement. For example, if your enemy suddenly loses in the map, it might be ganking in the lane, so that you can anticipate from the first in order that you’re not loss. Don’t forget that you have support from your team that always give you the information if there’s a character which isn’t on their lane or missing.
Keep alert is your key to keep your superiority which have been reached!

5. Team Fight and Take the Objective

The most important guide for the beginner of Mobile Legends is Team Fight as often as possible and take the objective. You are a part of the team and you are something that can’t be inevitable in MOBA game. So that, keep well the communication is a key of the compactness team and great team work can be the key to win!

One Click Root Android – The Best Apps With One Click Root Android

One Click Root, one click root android

Root is some of system on Android which is have many access as the administrator. If you’re the linux user, you must be know the root system right? Yup! By the way, in linux itself, by login as the root you can access or execute all files and commands inside. Seems like with Android. If you root android with one click root android, you can be the administrator and can add, change, remove, or break the system inside the android itself. I don’t know how the way is, but don’t forget if Android is the transcription of linux. Let’s follow us to know best apps with one click root method for Android, let’s check our one click root review.

over this time, there are many application that ease the android user to root their smartphone. Root itself has a lot of benefits and a little risk. So that, make sure that the way to root which gonna you use is had been tried and succeed by other people. Because, if you don’t how to root well, it will make your Android getting bootloop.

The Best One Click Root Android Apps

And here are the apps which many people use this apps to root their android phone. The result will make you satisfied by the android that supports in it. Here are the list of The Best One Click Root review for Android

1. KingRoot

KingRoot application is so easy, you just need to install and one click Root android. This application was being the choices as many people to root their Android. If this root is support to your Android, after you click the support the process will be run. But if your Android is not compatible with this app, when the application was opened, there’s no button to root. Follow this link to download and Root Android Device Using Kingroot

2. FramaRoot

one click root review, one click root method

Framaroot is seems like KingRoot, but there are several exploits that should be adapted to the android version that you will root. If you want download this app please follow this Root Android Without PC by FramaRoot

3. TowelRoot

How to Root any Android by Towelroot

Towelroot is one of app that you can use for rooting your Android. The app is also same with apps before that use one click root method for the root user. This app is easy to use and many phone that compatible with this app so you are not worry to use this app. If you want to download follow this Root Android With TowelRoot

4. KingoRoot

The next list of best one click root app that use one click root method is KingoRoot. A lot of android users rooted their smartphone using this app cos this app compatible with many brand of smartphone. So you can follow the link to download and root android device with KingoRoot

5. 360 Root

one click root

The last of our one click root review,  the best app with one click root method is 360 Root app. After succeed with their mobile security, and now 360 root was release root app which many compatible with the variant of Android. Unfortunately, 360 root still using Chinese language.

Those are the best root apps that a lot of people use all of this app to root Android with one click root. One thing that you need to memorize is, root your android after you knew what is the risk that will be happen, because no one can be responsible with it.