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How to Root Android Using One Click Root App Easily

Root Android Using One Click Root

As the normally, before we do something we need to know, recognize and understand what is the root, what will we get after rooting our Android Smartphone? (the positive and the negative impact of rooting). One thing that you must remember is. The producer or the vendor or the distributor will cancel your guarantee if their product you’ve been rooted. Part of us are enjoying on using their Android smartphone as must as possible and the other parts want to explore the Android world by rooting their Android smartphone. Let’s learn how to root android using one click root app.

How to Root Android Using One Click Root App

To get the root access from your Android smartphone, you need to follow these below steps of how to root android using One Click Root App.

1. Make sure your Personal Computer (PC) has connected with the Internet to get the registration process or login.

2. To avoid the false alarm, you need to turn off the Antivirus on your Personal Computer.

3. Enable the USB Debugging on your Android Smartphone, by opening Settings – Developer Options – Debugging USB.

4. DOWNLOAD the One Click Root app, then install it on your Computer.

Root Android Using One Click Root

Root Android Using One Click Root

5. After the new window of One Click Root app has opened, then click “ROOT NOW” icon to begin to root android using one click root app.

Root Android Using One Click Root

6. For the next, connect your Android Smartphone to the Personal Computer (PC) through the USB cable. And wait for a minute until the One Click Root app could detect your Android Smartphone.

7. After those 2 boxes has been check listed, and now click “ROOT NOW” icon again, then One Click Root app will search for the driver device from the internet.

one click root app

8. If there’s appear the kind of this new window below, it means that your Android smartphone already safe to be rooted, then click “ROOT NOW” icon again.

one click root apk

9. For the next, there will be the LOG IN window appear on your screen, type your email address and password (not password email) and click “LOG IN” icon if you have created the account, but if you haven’t click “REGISTER NOW” icon.

one click root app

10. After you can log in one click root app, one click root app will root your Android phone, and wait until finish. Those are how to root android using one click root app and now you can verify your rooted phone.

one click root app

How to Verify Your Rooted Phone

You can verify or check your Android Smartphone is it has been rooted or not by using the Root Checker app. If those above steps aren’t success by giving the root access on your Android smartphone. It means One Click App isn’t suitable for your Android Smartphone. You may try another method or another app because actually there’s no the absolutely universal root application. Like what I’ve said in the first paragraph. You need to know and understand about the right root app or the right method that you’re going to use by searching and read carefully.

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Avast Mobile Security – Antivirus App

Avast Mobile Security

Avast Mobile Security & antivirus is antivirus app that can protect your mobile or your gadget from virus or malware that attack your device, and steal your data or password from your device. This app can be used by Android phone and iOS phone, so you will secure your smartphone against unwanted phishing, malware, spyware, viruses, even loss or theft. Let’s download Avast mobile security and Antivirus so you can protect your phone soon.

Download Avast Mobile Antivirus

Protect your phone and gadget with Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus that has won various awards for this category of antivirus and anti theft protection. Avast can also protect you from threats that come from unsafe WiFi. This antivirus also has the locate lost phones feature that can give you information about where your lost android phone. This app is one of best antivirus app 2018 and many android user that downloaded this app to protect their android mobile.


The Superiority and The Weakness of Avast Mobile Antivirus

The Superiority

  • The real time Antivirus protection
  • Complete features (Anti Theft, App Lock, and etc)
  • WiFi network security

The Weakness

  • The crash problem on the several users
  • The slow response of notification and auto scan

The Best Antivirus App 2018 For Android and iOS Phone

Best Antivirus App, best android antivirus, best antivirus for ios Phone

Nowadays, the factory of the Android phone are compete to release the greatest product which has a susceptible quality. Besides that, the Android Smartphone that we use sometimes can be attacked by virus and malware. In this era, there are so many issues about the private data security when the malware not only attacks the desktop, but malware also attack the Android phone. So that, all of us need some antivirus app to alert it. Then these the most recommended Antivirus to alert the malware on Android phone and iOS phone. Besides that, these app below was so light and you don’t need to pay for it. You may choose whatever kind of Antivirus that you want. Here are The best antivirus app 2018:

The 10 Best Antivirus App 2018 For Android and iOS Phone

1. Avast Mobile Security – Antivirus App

Avast Mobile and Antivirus is an app which quiet popular for the Android Smartphone users. This app also well-known and much used by the users of Personal Computer (PC) or Laptop. Many users have been proved that this app was so worthed. Moreover, this app also can save your email from the phishing, the website that has infected by the virus and so many else.

2. AVG Antivirus For Android Security

No one didn’t know with these kinds of the anti-virus app, as the most popular app on the desktop, nowadays, AVG Android Antivirus Security also available for the Android Smartphone with the additional kind of features. With the number of downloading more than 100 million, of course you aren’t allowed to doubt with the AVG ability. You can also hide your personal picture with encrypt feature inside.

3. 360 Security – Antivirus Free

Seems like the CM Security Master this antivirus app on Android can be called enough complete. The 30 Security Master is an Android security app that can be called the most complete until right now. This free antivirus app could optimize the work or the Android by only one tap. Besides light, the cleanser virus app also was so easy to use.

4. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus: AppLock & Web Security

The next of best antivirus app is kaspersky mobile antivirus. Who knows that Android Smartphone that we use is more dangerous than the Personal Computer (PC). That’s the reason what Kaspersky release their antivirus for the smartphone even it is Android or iOS users. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus: AppLock & Web Security serve the complete feature that you can use. For you those who like to browse on the internet, you can use the filter web feature to filter the dangerous sites.

5. CM Security Master

CM Security Master which expand by Cheetah Mobile has a complete quality of keeping your smartphone in order safe, keep on a prime condition, and keep the performance. Besides it can track the virus, CM Security Master can you use to clean the trash in a short time. There is also the VPN feature in this app.

6. Avira Antivirus Security

Avira Antivirus Security could protect your private data. Including the important information on your Android phone, such as photos, phone number, email, until your credit card. You could free download and install the Avira Antivirus Security on the Google Play Store. With a standard design, this Avira Antivirus Security app on Android so light when you use it.

7. McAfee Mobile Security: Antivirus

Well-known as the forerunner of anti- virus on Personal Computer (PC), right now, this app also available on the Android Smartphone. McAfee Mobile Security also serve some of privacy features that you must to try to alert the malware and the damage virus. Besides the anti virus, this app also serves the Android Smartphone tracker when if your smartphone is lost. There is also the lock app to keep your privacy.

8. Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus

Bitdefender Mobile Security Antivirus ever get the position as the best security app on Android on the AV–TEST version on the last 2015 and on 2016. So you don’t need to doubt of the quality of this app. This anti-virus app serves the security feature to protect your Android Smartphone. There’s also the Wear ON feature which makes you possible to protect your smartwatch privacy data .

9. Norton Security and Antivirus

The next best antivirus app is Norton security. Right now, you don’t need to doubt if there’s the threat of malware when you were browsing on the social media. Norton Security and Antivirus gives the real time protection to protect your important data as the best cleaner virus application. Not only that, the Norton will detect which app that waste much more battery power, the data, or even the suspicious activity on your smartphone.

10. ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus

ESET well-known as the producer of the cleaner virus software that safe but with the high performance. You can use this app to protect your important data on your Android Smartphone. With an interactive display, you can easier on using this best antivirus app. This app available free on Google Play Store. What are we waiting for? Let’s download it!

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Download Root Checker

Download Root Checker

Root checker is an app to check or verify your root access on your android phone. This app is made by joeykrim. Before we continue to download root checker, I will explain about root. Root is a system that can access and execute all files, commands, systems. In essence, this root has unlimited access that can delete, change, add, and even damage everything in our android phone system.

Seems like living in this world, the root process will give 2 impacts, the positive and the negative sides. For example, you can fix the battery backup of your Android Smartphone by a bit upgrading the processor or you can also upgrade the RAM or even ROM performance. It’s gonna be different the phone which is ever rooted and not. Because the majority of the Android smartphone that has been rooted could doing a lot of things than unrooted Android smartphone.

Download Root Checker

You can follow link below to download root checker app. And begin to check or verify your android phone with this app. Check it below:

Download root checker

If you are still confused to use this app to know your android phone’s rooted or not. You can come to this article to learn how to verify root access with root checker. Thanks for coming to my blog and please like or follow my Fans page.

How to Verify Root Access With Root Checker App for Android Phone

Verify Root Access With Root Checker

I thought that the people those who loved to h4ck their Android Smartphone by rooting their phone have been familiar with many kinds of root in this whole world. But, do we ever think that is our phone had a permission for rooting process or not? Sometimes, part of will do it directly just for fun or for trying. But the other part thinks it first before rooting their Android Smartphone. So that, there’s the app namely Root Checker App which is used to check your Android phone has been permitted to get the root access or not. A lot of people use this app to verify root access with root checker apk for their android phone.

There are so many misunderstanding about the rooting process on the smartphone and most of us think that rooting will only damage our Android Smartphone. well, actually, rooting is a process whereas you are as the Android Smartphone users could get an access to edit and modify the main file from your own Android Smartphone. Almost all of the vendor or the producer prohibit us from rooting our Android Smartphone and give a warning by canceling our Android smartphone guarantee.

How To Verify Root Access With Root Checker App

Root checker app will useful if you’re still curious if your phone has a root access or not, so this is the way how to verify root access with root checker.

1. Firstly, please download Root Checker apk on your Android Smartphone or on your Personal Computer (PC). If you download it on your PC, you need to connect it to your phone.

2. Secondly, enable the other application installation from the unknown sources. This is important because the Android has a way to keep away the Application which is not from the Google Play Store. Open the menu setting and open the Private or Security, then choose the “Unknown Source” then enable it.

3. After that, open the file manager then open Root Checker apk on your Android Smartphone. Installation screen will appear, then you just need to click “Next” then tap “install” in order that the application will be installed on your Android Smartphone.

4. The last one is open the app then click the “Verify Root” icon. If your smartphone has been rooted. You will see the pop up that asks you to give the root access. If it appears, give a root access and the Root Checker application will inform you that your smartphone has been rooted with the word “Rooted” and the opposite. If your phone doesn’t have an access so will show “Unrooted” word on your screen.

The Feature of Root Checker

Verify Root Access With Root Checker, Root checker app, Root Checker apk

The root checker application is a basic application that makes you possible to verify root access with root checker on your android. Most the people are still misunderstanding about the function of this application. They think that this application could apply on the root access on their Android Smartphone. Let me underline it, we couldn’t root our Android smartphone by using the Root Checker App. This app will show you, is your phone have a root access or not. Besides that, there are kinds of features of Root Checker App.

1. The Root Checker will show you the version of Android that were running on your phone.

2. You can see your Android Smartphone screen resolution.

3. You could check it by click an icon “Verify Root”

4. This is what people will remind you for many times, try to understand more about what is root exactly. The reason why you must to do that and the way how you use it.

The superiority of rooting Android Smartphone

1. As we are all have known that all of phone aren’t made with the same way. It means if there are 2 phones on a same classes. The hardware potential gonna looks different among them. For example, likes from the different processor or the specification for the different performance. By the root access it will make you possible to get 100% from your Android phone with upgrading and then removing some of the app which useless and this application sometimes will run by itself and take many RAM space so that the performance will getting slow or even it will be hanging. Such as likes on all of Android Smartphone that having so many main app from Google or even from the vendor itself, and it sometimes hard to be removed.

2. The root access make you possible to change the all over ROM phone. It means change the Android operating system which modified and customize based on the will (the Custom Developer) by changing the official firmware (the ROM Stock) the main app from that phone vendor. By rooting process, you can change the main display form vendor with many Custom ROM that special made for every Android phone and based on what you will.

3. By rooting process you could use your Android Smartphone even for prohibit things that unrooted phone can’t. For example. There are several root application will help you to h4ck the WiFi networking.

4. Or even with the root access, you could run the “FREEDOM” application the get the free purchase from some of applications.

So guys, those are a bit information about how to verify root access with root checker app for android phone. Thanks for coming to my blog and please share this article and like my Fans page.

5 Important Items For Fighter Hero in Mobile Legends

Important Items For Fighter Hero

If you wanna fight in a close direction in Mobile Legends, the Fighter hero is the most right choices for you. Usually, the hero of this type has the high attack and the great defense. The fighter hero in Mobile Legends is proper to break the enemies concentration and finish the war. Do not think that the fighter has been perfect even it had the high attack and the great defense. This hero still needs the additional item to make their own skill strengthen and make the enemies get worried. And here are the 5 important items for fighter hero that you have to buy for the fighter hero in Mobile Legends.

5 Important Items For Fighter Hero

1. The Rapid Boots

Even several fighter heroes in Mobile Legends has a fast movement, you also still need the additional item to speed up the heroes movement. And here there are the Rapid Boots. The Rapid Boots are a right item for the Fighter like Bane or Hilda that their movement needs to speed up.

The 50 movement speed addition will make your hero being nippier to chase the enemy. Moreover, if you are using the Roger hero that has the skill to postpone the enemies movement. Your enemy must be are easy to be caught at once with the additional point from the Rapid Boots.

2. The Cursed Helmet

For making the fighter defense more stronger, you need to use this item. This item as the complete. The Cursed Helmet item gives the big enough Health Point addition for about 920 points and the 50 Magic Resistance that can make your fighter hero can fight the mage with the highest damage like the Eudora. The Cursed Helmet will increase your power to defense from the mage attack with his high magic attack.

3. The Demons Advent

The next of important items for fighter hero is the demons advent. The advantage of using the Demons Advent item for the hero fighter like the Balmond is you will have the extra defense level. When the Balmond gets the attack, the damage will be decreased. The Demons Advent gonna give the Health Point addition for about 920 and for the regen is 30 Health Point addition. It makes the hero defense getting strength even getting the attack for many times. Besides that, this item also gives the armor addition for about 54.

4. The Bloodlust Axe

the Bloodlust Axe item will turn back the hero Health Point that almost dying to be full again at once. And of course, this item also need for all the heroes. Even the fighter hero has the high defense but they also need the enough Health Point (HP). Besides that, the Bloodlust Axe also could give the 70 Physical attack addition and decrease the cooldown to 20% that can make you comfort to show off your skill.

5. The Rose Gold Meteor

the Rose Gold Meteor item is the last item that you can use to fight your enemy. Especially, for the mage type. This item adds the 60 physical attack, the 30 magic resistance and 5% life steal. The hero fighter like the Alucard and the other is really need this item when they face their enemy in the dying Health Point (HP).

So that, those are the 5 important items for fighter hero in Mobile Legends. The function of that item is for the increase and the optimize the skill of the hero fighter that you used. Hopefully, it would give a lot of benefits.

5 Important Items for Mage Hero in Mobile Legends

Important Items for Mage Hero

The Mage Hero or we called it the witch is a hero that having the high damage. The effect of this heroes attack is really pained until making the Mage Hero being the mainstay of the team. This hero is really scared of the enemy because of his skill that having the attack from far direction. Fortunately, this mage hero is including the hero with the weak hero that really easy to die if get the attack. Besides that, the physical attack doesn’t work well then the hero with this type really need the additional item. So that, I will tell you about the several important items for mage hero that you need to buy in Mobile Legends.

5 Important Items for Mage Hero in Mobile Legends

1. Clock of Destiny

The Clock of Destiny is an item that really could benefit for the Mage Hero like a Eudora or the others. This item will make the mage attacks more deadly with the 60 magic power addition. The Clock of Destiny also adds 600 manas till the skill can be easier to be issued. Besides that, this item can also make this role durability stronger by giving the Health Point addition for about 615.

2. The Arcane Boots

Combining the Arcane Boots with the mage skill like a Space Escape which owned by Harley. It will be the perfect combination to escape and chase the enemy. The Movement Speed addition for about 40 points will speed up the hero movement. Besides that, the Arcane Boots item also add the 25 magic damage reduction which is really benefits for the damage that produced by the Mage Hero.

3. The Fleeting Time

The next item of important items for mage hero is the fleeting time. The fleeting time will give a lot of advantages for the Mage Hero. This fleeting time item add the magic power for about 70 points complete with 15 mana regen and the 10% cooldown reduction. For the Mage Hero like a Zhask, you really need this item because of the Zhask cooldown skill was so long. And do not doubt about the attack if add this item.

4. The Flame of Fury

The flame of Fury is a right item for the all Mage in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The flame of fury item will add the 75 magic power and the 25 magic damage reduction. It could make the attack that you spread out will give the painful damage. Besides that, the flame of fury item also give the 5% movement speed to speed up your Mage Hero movement.

5. The Frost

This is the last item of important items for this role hero that you forbid to be missed when you use the mage in Mobile Legends game. The Frost item will give the 75 magic power and the 15 mana regen. To speed up the movement, this item will be adds the movement speed for about 7%. And that, the Frost item will give the slow effect for the enemy and it would make you easier to kill the enemy.

So guys, those the 5 important items for Mage Hero in Mobile Legends game. The function of those items above is added and optimize the skill that’s available on the Mage Hero that you use. Hoping it would give a lot of benefits for you.