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How to Reset Password Windows 10 -Solve One of the Common Problems

Reset Password Windows 10

Windows 10 provides two accounts to use by the users. They are a local account that exists on the device and Microsoft account exists globally. How if you forget Windows 10 password local account? If it happens, the first thing you should consider is how to reset password Windows 10. Without doing it, you won’t be able to sign in to your account anymore. Thus, let’s see the explanation below to solve your problem while you don’t remember your password.

8 Right Steps You Need to Do to Reset Password Windows 10

When you want to reset password Windows 10 successfully, there are eight steps you need to do. Here the easy steps you can do.

1. Open the Settings Application

First, you can start the process of resetting by opening the Settings application. You can do it with Windows 10 password reset tool. For this matter, to use Windows-I is what you need to do.

2. Go to Accounts

When the “Settings” has been opened, now, you can go to the Accounts setting.

3. Find Sign-in Options

On the Settings, there are some options to choose from. You should choose the “Sign-in” to go to the next step correctly.

4. Choose the “Password”

On the page you open on step 3, you can select and click the “Password” section. By doing it, there will appear some choices in the next section.

5. Choose the “update your security questions”

From some choices, you have to choose it if you want to reset your password.

6. Type the Account Password

After you do step 5, there will appear the prompt. When it opens, you can just type your account password.

7. Give additional 3 security questions and also answer to the local account

Then, after you make a password for your account, it is necessary to add three security questions. Besides, you need to answer the local account appears on the next page. In this matter, it is better for you to not answer the three questions truthfully.

8. Click “Finish”

The last, you can select “Finish” to complete the process of doing Windows password reset successfully.

When the process is out of the way, the option of resetting the password will appear on the sign-in screen. When it happens, you can just answer three questions you have made to reset your account passwords. Besides, you need to know that Microsoft states that there is no other way to do to reset the password. In this case, you, as the user, should reset your PC and also delete the whole data on it. You should do it to restore the data if they do not have any access to other accounts.

Moreover, there is another option you can follow to make Windows 10 password reset USB as outlined by a certain Professor. You can try this option if you do not like to change the password with the first tips explained above. Well, in this option, you can boot your windows into the recovery environment. In this condition, the users should replace utilman.exe with cmd.exe. After that, you can continue this process by clicking the “ease of access” button. This action will spawn a command prompt window that can be used to change your password. Remember, this action can only work in Windows 10 version 1809 before the latest feature update.

Another Way to Reset Password on the Windows after the Latest Feature Update

After the latest feature update comes to the windows, you need to do extra steps to make Windows 10 password change. So, please follow these ways.

1. Go to the recovery and troubleshooting environment

To load this first step, you can click on the “Repair your computer” option. This choice is available during Windows Setup when you boot from the certain Windows installation media. So, make sure you click it during this process.

2. Click on the “Troubleshoot” then followed by choosing “Command Prompt”
3. Change the drive letter

In this step, you have to switch to the drive letter in which your Windows is installed on. Here, you will find it in the 32 directory system.

4. Type or input “rename utilman.exe utilman.bak
5. Next, type or input the “copy cmd.exe utilman.exe
6. Restart and boot your computer

After typing certain letters on step 4 and step 5, you can restart your computer. Also, you have to boot from the Window installation.

7. Click on the “Ease of access” button

You can do this seventh step to open a command prompt window. However, you should remember that this action can be done if you run Windows 10 with the 1803 version. If you run Windows 10 version 1809 or later, you cannot do it. So, make sure you set your Windows on the 1803 version to successfully do this step.

8. Click on the “Ease of Access” button

To make Windows 10 password remove or change, you need to do this eighth step. You can do this activity on the next start on the login screen. This action also will open the command prompt window.

9. Type net user

After the command prompt window is opened, you need to do this step to display all user account names.

10. Change the password

The last step you should do is to change the password with the new one. To make it happen, you can use the command net user shown in (username) (password). Just fill in the blank to make a new password for your Windows.

To reset password Windows 10 looks not so easy. Therefore, you need to do it carefully and follow every step well.

Best Fortnite Skins – Make Your Favorite Character’s Appearance Cooler

Best Fortnite Skins

Hi Fortnite lovers! Do you want to have a cooler look of your character? If you do, you can see some of the best Fortnite skins on this site. Here, you can find the rarest and the coolest ones you like. We know that Epic can release the skins at any time, like what happened in the Fortnite season 2 skins. In this matter, it is good news for you since Epic release a few unique skins that are categorized as the rarest ones. You can find all of them here. Let’s check them out.

The Best Fortnite Skins to Give Unique Look to Your Favorite Character

Most Fortnite players want rare skin to make their character look unique and attractive. The appearance of the character will be more exciting to see. If you want this matter to happen to your character, you can choose the best Fortnite skins from the Fornite skins list below. Here we go.

1. Renegade Raider

It is the first skin that is categorized as the rarest one to have. Renegade Raider is the most favorite skin that is available during season 1. You have a chance to get this skin after you reach level 20. So, you are so lucky to get this skin since it is only available during season 1. The cost you should pay to get this skin is 1200 B-Bucks.

2. Dusk

This skin is rare since the players can only find it as a reward after they reach Tier 71. They have to do it when the Fortnite Battle Pass Season 6 came. This skin never comes again until now in this game. Then, this skin features a nice character that is a female with claws in a black leather outfit. Besides, it also looks to have bat wings and piercing red eyes. This condition is inspired by the gothic culture and also vampires.

3. Aeriel Assault Trooper

If you need a strong look of your character, this rare skin is the right choice for you. When you play since season 1, you will have a chance to get this skin. If you have got it, it means that you are one of the luckiest people who play Fortnite. It can be so since this skin is not available in the shop. You can get it when you achieve level 15. With 1,200 V-Bucks, you can beautify your character with this skin.

4. Black Knight

This skin is suitable for you who need rare skin with a scary look. The look is dominantly painted in black. Then, this rarest Fortnite skins list is available in season 2. To reach it is not so easy. You have to reach Tier 70 to get this skin. However it is a little difficult to obtain it, there will be a great satisfaction for you after getting it. It is a very cool looking skin to make you get serious attention of your foes while playing. You can buy it with 950 V-Bucks.

5. Galaxy

Every Fortnite skin has a different cost to purchase. From some skins that exist in this game, Galaxy is the most expensive one to have. If you want to have it, you have to pre-order a certain mobile phone first. After getting the phone, the owners should install this game and also play 3 games. When they finish doing those matters, they will be rewarded with this skin. So, this skin is really rare as only the customer of a certain mobile phone can get this skin.

6. Ghoul Trooper

This skin is a good choice for you who hunt the rarest skin. It comes as a Halloween 2017 promotion and never appears again after that event. For you who meet that event, you must be so happy. With 1500 V-Bucks, you can own the unique skin that will never come twice.

7. Ragnarok

Ragnarok comes with a little bit of cheap price. With 950 V-Bucks, you can get this skin instantly. Although it is not so expensive, it is not easy to gain this skin. There are several challenges you have to complete related to the skin. This skin could be found after you reached a Tier 100 battle pass reward in season 5, right? So, it is a rare event that may never happen again.

8. Recon Expert

All Fortnite skins can show a distinctive character based on their appearance. in this matter, the Recon Expert may be the sexiest skin to gain. Many players need this skin but they cannot actualize what they want. It can happen because it hits the item shop very early on and never reappears since. The cost to spend if players want to get this skin is 1200 V-Bucks.

9. Love Ranger

Love Ranger was released on Valentine’s Day. This version is created of stone and lots of more frightening look than other depictions of Cupid. It is a rare character skin that may be available only in the Valentine’s Day event.

10. Sparkle Specialist

This skin is unique and becomes the top 10 rarest Fortnite skins. You can get this disco-themed skin in Season 2. It becomes one of the rarest skins since it never reappears after season 2 ends. If you need to have this skin so much, you have to wait for its appearance if it someday hits the shelves once more. Just prepare 2,000 V-Bucks to gain it.

11. Dante and Rosa of the Muertos Set

Some Fortnite skins names come with a particular reason. It also happens to Dante and Rosa of the Muertos Set that is inspired by Spanish culture. It also comes due to being inspired by the Dead and incorporates elements of both people. That is why this skin is categorized as the rarest one and you may never meet this skin again after the event ends.

12. Valor

In season 4, the players must have a chance to gain this skin when they can reach Tier 71. It can happen if they do it during the Fortnite Battle Pass in that season. When you see this skin, it looks like a wonder woman. Valor is one of the best Fornite skins ranked that is often used by pro players.

13. Codename E.L.F.

Codename E.L.F. is one of the best Fornite skins to buy in this year. It comes in 2018, precisely during the holiday season. After that season, this skin never reappears and cannot be found in the item shop.

14. Dark Voyager

This skin seems to have an Astronaut set seen from the appearance. However, the color is not white. It comes with a black and orange theme. This condition differs from the real appearance of Astronaut. Then, this skin can be pound during Fortnite Battle Pass in season 3. The players could get it after the reach Tier 70 during that season.

15. Crackshot

Crackshot is the rarest and most scaring skin that comes into this game. It features a very big frightening Nutcracker mask that is stupid or silly in all honesty. With this skin, everyone will keep noticing you although you play badly with no tactical advantage. It is rational since this skin can create a scaring atmosphere wherever your character goes on the battlefield.

From some rare skin in this game, the kinds of characters above are the top 15 best Fortnite skins the players have. Just have joy with those skins every day if you have a few of them since you are a lucky player.

Mac OS High Sierra – Easy Ways to Get Better Your Mac

Mac OS High Sierra

Do you need the ways to upgrade the Mac OS High Sierra? If it is so, please follow this information well! The process of upgrading or replacing the hard drive for your Mac also needs to reinstall the Mac OS. Besides you will know the ways to upgrade your Mac OS, you will also find an important thing. It is the way of how to install Mac OS High Sierra. Are you curious about them? So, let’s check them out!

How to Install Mac OS High Sierra

Well, concerning the steps to install the Mac OS High Sierra, there are some steps that you can do. What are they? Just follow these steps below!

1. Disconnect hard drives

The first step that you have to do to install the Mac OS is disconnecting any external hard drives and flash drives. You can do it with the device powered off. Then, just plug in your Mac OS bootable flash drive. Don’t forget to hold down the Option or Alt key and power on the device! Please release it if you find the boot selection screen!

2. Start to copy

It means that your Mac will start to copy the installation files from the flash drives. It usually needs 30 minutes to complete it. Then, choose the language and press enter when it is prompted.

3. Choose Disk Utility

From the menu, just choose the disk utility and then press enter. Or, you can also do it by clicking the continue button.

4. Choose the hard drive

From the left column in the Disk Utility, you can choose the hard drive. Don’t forget to convince that you choose the correct hard drive! It is like that if you have multiple hard drives.

5. Choose Reinstall Mac OS

From the menu, you can choose the option of Reinstall Mac OS and then press enter or click Continue.

6. Click Agree

Last, after clicking Agree, your Mac will install the Mac OS of High Sierra. Just wait for it to complete!

How to Upgrade Mac OS of High Sierra

When you have hardware or software that is not compatible with Mac OS, don’t worry! It is because you are allowed to upgrade the Mac OS of High Sierra. Therefore, here are ways to do it.

1. Check compatibility

The first way that you have to do is checking the compatibility. What does it mean? It means that you can upgrade the Mac OS of High Sierra. Then, you need to know that the Mac needs the memory minimally 2GB and 14.3GB of available storage space. That is about the Mac OS High Sierra compatibility.

2. Make a backup

Then, the second step is making a backup. You should back up your Mac before you install any upgrade. In this case, you may try the Time Machine method that makes it so simple. Completely, it is also provided for you other backup methods.

3. Have a connection

When you download and install the Mac OS, it will need a long time enough. Therefore, you need to convince that you have an internet connection. If one of you have a Mac notebook computer and use it, just plug it into the AC power.

4. Download The Mac OS

You have to know that for having the latest features and the strongest security, what should you do? Do you know it, guys? Yea, please find out the Mac OS Mojave and then you are allowed to upgrade it. However, if you still need the Mac OS of High Sierra, don’t worry! Just use the App Store link “Get Mac OS High Sierra”.

5. Start to install

After you have a Mac OS High Sierra download, the installer will open automatically. In this case, you can click Continue and follow the instructions on the screen. Please remember that you are suggested to start the process of installation in the evening. So, you will see that the process will finish at night. Also, if the installer asks to install a helper tool, what can you do? You may write the name of the administrator and password. Then, you can click the option Add Helper.

6. Allow the installation process to finish

The last step to upgrade your Mac OS is allowing the installation process to finish. You should do it without putting the Mac to sleep or close. When installing the Mac OS and updating to the Mac firmware, you need to know that your Mac may restart. Besides, it will also show a blank screen several times and show a progress bar.

Those are the ways to install and upgrade Mac OS High Sierra. Hopefully, you can understand and apply it well.

How to Reset MacBook Pro, Backup, and Restore Safely

How to Reset MacBook Pro

There is a little bit weakness on MacBook Pro relating to the work performed. Many users state that the laptop product from Apple is getting slowing down as time goes by. Unfortunately, the issue is right and finding how to reset MacBook Pro will be the next duty immediately. Nevertheless, you do not need to think deeply because it is not a serious problem. Moreover, there is much information spreading on the internet to overcome the problem. Get more complete information on your MacBook Pro reset here more than just the factory reset.

How to reset MacBook Pro to Factory Reset, Battery, and NVRAM

Do not skip this free worthy lesson to reset MacBook Pro! Today, the information is so complete with discussing three kinds of reset method. Firstly, there are 10 steps to reset Apple’s product using the factory reset:

1. Turn off the MacBook Pro

2. Turn on in the Recovery Mode where you can conduct it in three ways. You can press Command + R when the laptop boot. Other choices are by pressing Option + Command + R or Shift + Option + Command + R.

3. Click “Disk Utility”

4. Choose the icon See and click the option “Show All Devices”.

5. You might see the drive with the name “Macintosh HD” so choose it.

6. Click Delete!

7. Turn back to the prior window with exiting from the Disk Utility.

8. Select by clicking “Reinstall macOS!

9. Follow the instructions on the screen while giving enough time to install where it may spend hours.

10. Afterward, the laptop with restart when the installation of OS finishes.

Would you like to sell your lovely Mac laptop? You must want to make the device look new again. Okay, it is easy because you can do it with pressing Command + Q. This way of MacBook Pro factory reset to give a very effective result.

How to Reset the MacBook Pro battery

Next, you should know how to reset the MacBook Pro battery. Here are 9 steps that you will pass:

  • Perceive SMC

In the beginning, you should understand the System Management Controller or SMC. It is a small chip controlling the external sets, power management, and the response toward the button. This small element also increases the battery power, solve the overheating, and accelerate the work performance of MacBook Pro.

  • Check to identify SMC’s trouble

Next, check the condition of SMC to know the condition of the cooling fan and the indicator lamps. Know the respond of the laptop when you press the buttons. Identify the sudden death of the laptop, enter to the Sleep Mode, and not full battery charge.

  • Open Apple’s menu
  • Click Shut Down
  • Connect your MacBook Pro to the battery charger
  • Look for SMC reset
  • Press and hold for 10 seconds the buttons
  • Continue pressing the power button
  • Check one again to know whether the problem on the battery success to repair.

How to Reset a Mac on NVRAM

Next, it shares how to reset a Mac on NVRAM (Non-Volatile Random- Access Memory). The function of reset NVRAM is to improve some error on some aspects like the battery display. To conduct the reset, this page provides 9 steps such as below:

1. Perceive the function of reset NVRAM

This way will fix some problems such as unable to play the sound or display. It also fixes the problem of the long-time start- up and the screen blinks.

2. Open the Apple menu

3. Click Shut Down arrow to see some options

4. Turn off with pressing the right if your laptop asks it.

5. Find reset NVRAM button consisting of Command + P + R. Press and hold them together for 15 seconds.

6. Afterward, turn on MacBook Pro for the second time.

7. Do the step of number 4 but you will do it until the start-up finish.

8. Check whether there is damage to NVRAM or not. If you find some trouble on its system, you need to return to the factory reset MacBook Pro. However, this way will make you lost all the data. Think again?

Back up your Data before undergoing the Step by Step Guide to Reset Mac to Factory Setting

Would you like to lose many vital documents, videos, images, movies, or songs? You surely do not want to get this big disaster although you must do the second method. Do not worry because there is one way to save it. Backup all of the data that you have first. Then, you can go on how to reset your MacBook or MacBook Pro as soon as possible. Here, you have 6 steps to backup data such as below:

  • You have a Time Machine in your PC, open it!
  • Then, connect your MacBook Pro with hard disk as the place to save data. Besides using this simple way, you can use iCloud to backup data. Nevertheless, it is unable to store application and OS. On the other hands, you keep downloading the application and system.
  • Use time when the computer manages the Time Machine. The time is suitable to make an automatic backup. You can choose the “Backup Now” existing on the machine to back up your Mac.
  • Next, you should give enough time to finish the backup process.
  • Remove your hard drive internal after finish the backup.
  • Lastly, assure that all accounts including iTunes do not get authority from the MacBook Pro

5 Steps to restore (Return Data)

Well, you have learned many things including how to reset your Mac before selling it. Seemly, it sounds not fair when you only know the steps to backup data. You should get the method to restore data and this page has prepared 5 steps below:

  • Reconnect again your MacBook Pro with your external storage device.
  • Click Recovery as the step to return your data to the Mac again. In default, you will find it in Menu but you must choose the most right option.
  • Use the button of Cmd + Shift to mass recovery. Just choose the file on the hard drive that you want to move.
  • Next, you will get an option to return to the original or new folder.
  • Start to the recovery process by clicking “Restore All” or “Restore Selected”.

One Step Closer to MacBook Pro

Some people start thinking negative to MacBook Pro, lately. It occurs after they find some sources informing on how to reset the MacBook Pro-complete guide. Once again, do not worry because that is not a serious problem. In spite of this, the guides above help you to keep operating the laptop properly. Even, you will feel that your PC is new after doing the reset. If you become hesitate, you need to come closer.

MacBook Pro has a lot of features than the weakness (only 1 weakness). The laptop that released in May 2019, has 13 and 15 inches. Apple also makes it with the True Tone and Touch Bar displays. Then, the SSD on the laptop in 15 inches reaches 4 TB and 2 TB on 13 inches. MacBook Pro also adds “Coffee Like Refresh” chip on the system is the 8 and 9 generation. The 15” has 8 cores and MacBook Pro 13” reaches 4 cores. It still applies T2 chip as the form of security increase where it gets the support of “Hi Siri”.

The most important thing is the device is high durability for a long utility and stores many files. Perhaps, you just know that many ways emerging as to how to reset MacBook Pro. You must save all information because they are useful so much. Do you know another information outside of the explanation above? Please, tell it with writing on the comment column. This page is ready to lift it as a new theme again. Thank you!

Helcurt Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – Hunt Enemies Most Valuable

Helcurt Hero Guide

In Mobile Legends, there is always the most valuable player that uses a certain hero. It usually comes from a marksman or mage. Therefore, your team must have an assassin that can kill them quickly. In this matter, you can learn this Helcurt hero guide in Mobile Legends. Well, this assassin can easily kill the enemy with low hit points like mage or marksman. Besides, he also has a passive skill that can prevent him from getting burst damage from the enemy. So, it will be very effective to use Helcurt mobile legend to stop the dominance of the enemy team.

The Superiorities of Helcurt Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

Helcurt Hero Guide

To make you get more interest in this hero, let’s see his superiorities in this Helcurt hero guide in Mobile Legends. Here we go.

1. Having Burst Damage

His second skill can give very high damage when the Deadly Poisoned Stinger is full. It happens from the early game. So, you can hunt every marksman or mage from the enemy team so that their level will not rise significantly.

2. Giving a Silence Effect

Every enemy hero that attacks him using a skill will get a silence effect. Thus, it will be difficult to disable Helcurt or even kill him.

3. Having a Great Skill 1

His first skill let him blink to the designed location very fast. So, it is useful to ambush any enemies or run away from them.

4. Having Annoying Ultimate Skill

The ultimate skill of Helcurt often annoys the enemies. It makes the enemy blind of the map and limits their sight. Thus, it will be suitable to lock the target and confuse the enemies’ hero movement.

The Most Recommended Helcurt Build to Use

To support his superiorities, you need to make the right build for him. So, make sure you purchase the best items for him. Here are the best items for Helcurt in helcurt hero guide Mobile legends.

1. Demon Hunter Sword

This item will increase the attack speed of him. Besides, it also gives him a life steal to survive. Thus, it will be helpful when Helcurt chase enemies.

2. Swift Boots

Like other boots, it will increase the movement speed of this hero. Also, this item can increase the attack speed of him.

3. Blade of the Seven Seas

It is effective to give additional physical attacks to him. Besides, it also adds his hit point so that he will not be easy to be killed while getting an attack.

4. Malefic Roar

While playing with Helcurt, this item will be beneficial since it gives additional physical penetration. So, it will support him well when he meets the tank or strong fighter.

5. Brute Force Breastplate

This item will make Helcurt really frightening to the enemy. Besides having high damage, it will also give a huge additional hit point. Thus, it makes this hero really difficult to kill.

6. Blade of Despair

To make this hero perfectly strong, it can be the last item to purchase. It provides very high additional physical attack and attack speed as well.

Recommended Emblem for Helcurt

In this Helcurt hero guide, you can know the right emblem to use while playing with him. What is it? Let’s check it out.

1. Custom Assassin

The first choice is Custom Assassin. It will support his role as the assassin of the team.

2. Custom Jungle

The second choice of the emblem is the Custom jungle. It will help him to kill the monster faster in the jungle. Thus, he will be quickly rich with gold buff and his level will increase faster as well.

Considering that an assassin is needed to hunt the damage dealer of the enemy hero, you can pick Helcurt on the draft pick. He will give a beneficial effect on your team while war or ambushing. To play right with this hero, you can see the Helcurt hero guide in Mobile Legends above and practice more.

How to Play Fortnite on Mac, Mac Sierra, MacBook, and MacBook Pro

Play Fortnite on Mac

Handphone and laptop that are special for the game have been available with various option. Mac is one of them where it is suitable to play Fortnite. Have you known how to play Fortnite on Mac, the gamers? By the way, this game completes the feature of Mac laptop since Apple releases Mac Sierra. Mac itself still recommend MacBook and MacBook Pro 15” because it quite fulfills the requirement. Usually, the gamers get some trouble when they use other specs. Well, let’s see how this Apple’s laptop satisfy your fun in playing the game!

Play Fortnite on Mac – Download and Set Fortnite!

The game Fortnite does not available directly on Mac but you should download fortnite game first. You can download the game freely from Epic Games and choose PC/ Mac download. Next, you will download EpicInstaller to start the process. Besides using MacBook Pro, you can play fortnite on Mac Sierra but it gives some terms such as below:

  • Minimum Standard

You can play fortnite on Mac Sierra with the minimum standard of the Processor Core i3 2.4GHz. Mac Sierra 10. 12.6 must have the RAM is at least 4GB, and Intel Iris Pro 2500.

  • Better Standard

At least, you use Mac Sierra 10. 13. 6 1 with the RAM 8GB and 2GB for VRAM. It has the Processor Core i5 2.8GHz and AMD Radeon HD 7870.

Next, you should know some important setting consisting of the resolution, preset quality, and Vsync. The laptop must have the resolution in 1080p that close to 60 FPS or above 30. Using the Mac laptop to play the game better start from low quality then increase to medium and next. Turn off Vsync is quite expensive but it helps to reduce cut off the screen amount. By the way, it does not matter to enliven without Vsync.

2 Steps to Improve the Performance of the Game

Are you ready to play fortnite on your mac? There is still the last recommendation before starting Fortnite on Mac. The gamers ask for improving the performance and framerate though 2 following steps:

1. Change Picture Setting

Such as you read above, the most suitable preset quality is in the low setting. Even though, you can set it in the medium through default. Anything you want to set Fortnite, start from the Setting menu through the hamburger icon. The icon has the form of three lines where you can click it. This way will improve framerate instantly without sacrificing too much visual quality. Also, Fortnite is one of the best game to run low graphic quality.

2. Stop other Programs

Stop all programs or applications when you play Fortnite except Epic Games Launcher. The function of stopping much application is to better play and add more resources.

Play Fortnite without Downloading

You can play fortnite on Mac without downloading it. Usually, it happens for Mac which does not fulfill the specification because it still uses the old version. The old version often causes lag and make your game runs annoying. It implies you need an alternative way such as to overcome the trouble. Before closing the discussion, let’s talk on the game (Fortnite). Fortnite is a video game that comes from Epic Games. The manufacturer releases the game in 2017 and presents some game mode.

Well, those are some information on play Fortnite on Mac. The tips above are useful for Mac Sierra, MacBook, and MacBook Pro. Lately, many online video games come with innovative features. However, Fortnite keeps shining and exist among other games. So, let’s choose your Mac type and begin to set. Afterward, you can play without any trouble especially lagging. Do you have any information on Fortnite and Mac? Share it because sharing a piece of information is always exciting and useful.

Best Character in Free Fire for Solo and 3 Combinations for Squad Ranks

Best Character in Free Fire

Playing Free Fire will be so much fun if you know the best character in Free Fire which you can use to push your rank up. This is important because Free Fire has a different character system compared to a similar battle royal game. In Free Fire, the characters have their skills, skin, and story. By knowing each character’s skill, you can easily play it and push your rank. Don’t worry. We already sum up the best Garena Free Fire characters for your reference.

5 Best Characters in Free Fire to Push up Rank in Solo Mode

There are five recommended characters in Free Fire for you that you can use when you are playing solo mode. Although it is for a solo mode which may easier than squad mode if you choose the wrong character you will not get the booyah. And below is the character’s list:

1. Kelly

Best Character in Free Fire

The first character is Kelly which has the best part that she is a fast runner. Her running skill is over the others. She also has a special survival skill called dash run which will increase the running speed. For solo mode, this skill will benefit you to hunt or avoid enemies and also move to the zone faster.

2. Paloma

Best Character in Free Fire

Just like Kelly, Paloma is one of the best girl characters in Free Fire. She has a unique skill called Arms-dealing. This skill makes Paloma easily take many medical kit or gloo wall in many amounts without affecting her basic skills. One of the greatest things about Paloma’s skill is that it can reduce the weight of the bullets up to 180 AR bullets. This means you can bring many things in your solo rank. Besides, AR or Assault Riffle is the most used weapon so this character also suitable for you who are an aggressive solo player.

3. Ford

For the beginners, Ford is the easiest Free Fire character that you can use because this character has also the safest skill in the late game. For beginners who still need to play safe, this is the best choice because in the late game his power will be able to reduce the damage of Safe Zone up to 24%. If you are also like to play in the zone, this will be the best character for that playing mode.

4. Maxim

Maxim has a great skill of medical kit usage timing. If you are an aggressive solo player and likes to fight but needs quick skill to use the medical kit, this is the best choice.
Remember that every second in the game is very important because missing one second can make you fail to be the winner.

5. Caroline

Caroline is like Kelly who has fast running skill, but there is a clear difference. The running skill of Caroline will only active if she uses the shotgun as the weapon. With this skill, the player will be able to aggressively hunt the enemies. You can also easily get yourself close to the enemy you want to shoot when playing. This will benefit you because the closer you use the shotgun to the enemy, the damage will be greater. If you like to play in a short distance to your enemy, this is the best choice.

Best Character Combination for Squad Mode

Not only for solo mode, but we will also recommend you some best combination character in Garena Free Fire for squad mode. Although this is for squad mode, you may also use this reference as the combination for playing duo mode. Here are the top three combinations:

  1. Kelly, Maxim, and Paloma
  2. Kelly, Paloma, and Caroline
  3. Olivia, Maxim, and Paloma

These three combinations will make good teamwork, no matter the fourth character that you will use.

That’s all about the best character in Free Fire that you may try for both solo and squad rank. You can use solo mode to try and learn all the character’s skill first and then move to duo or squad mode. Booyah!