Magic Chess Strategy Guide for Mobile Legends Beginner You Must Know

Magic Chess Strategy Guide

If you love to play mobile legends and a beginner as well, it is recommended to know the magic chess strategy guide. It is important since it is different than the other similar games. It is especially if you see it from the gameplay and the amount of heroes which are available. For you who have been played the similar game before, it is maybe not hard to run the magic chess. However, everything will be different is you are a newbie or beginner. Sometimes maybe you are confusing about many things. Here is the magic chess strategy guide to know.

Buy the Hero Based on the Synergy Combo – Magic Chess Strategy Guide

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The first guide is to buy the hero based on the synergy combo that you want to build. This game also has the synergy combo when every hero is played although there are some differences.

If you want to create the Magic chess synergy combo, buy a hero based on that thing. It will be great to activate the skill addition to make a stronger formation when you play

Place the Hero Based on the Role

The next recommendation is about how to place the hero in an arena. You must pay attention to it because every fighter has the different attack. Here are the arrangements. For the character with a short distance attack such as wrestler, fighter, and tank, you may place them in the front line. The middle distance fighter like assassin must be placed in the middle.

Elsewhere, the right place for the long distance heroes such as mage and marksman is in the back side. The fighter with a wide area skill, you may place them in the middle of the formation. This magic chess strategy guide will be beneficial to make them are able to reach many enemies. You must try the ways above to have a better play in this game.

Hold the Gold in the 10 and 20 Number

The next smart way to play magic chess is about the gold. For every turn, the players may get the gold addition which is called as the point interest. That can be gotten by using several ways.

The example is by holding the gold minimum in the multiple of 10. In the number of 10, you. May get 2 gold additions and get the 4 addition of this item in the number of 20.

Create the Hero Star

The hero star is so essential to supports the fighter ability in beating the enemies. The more it’s ability, the stronger that character will be. You have to remember it always. There is an important magic chess strategy guide to understand. If there is an option to make the synergy or increasing the hero start, which one that you have to do first?

The experts recommend to make the stars first. It is because their stats will be added in line with the increasing star. That is why; a lot of players decide to do this step.

Use the Commander Skill

The next magic chess strategy guide is related to the commander skill use. You should understand that each commander have their own different abilities. What are those? Those abilities are like maintaining the tower, add the gold and make the formation is stronger. Furthermore, they also have the different cooldown feature in the game.

That is why it is more recommended to use this effective commander skill only in the emergency moments or at the important moments. That will be good for your play.

The Magic Chess Strategy Guide and Tricks

Although there are some games with the same concepts, it must be known that they are still different. It can be seen from several aspects and sometimes a beginner doesn’t know it. However, it is still important to know about the right tricks to win the game. Don’t worry because these tips are quite easy to do. Below are those lists and make sure to read it.

1. Arrange the combo strategy

The first trick is for sure about how to arrange the strategy. You should understand about the synergy which is available on those platform. After that, decide the types of combo to use.

Arranging everything can be done even before playing this game. After that, a player is able to apply those combo and strategies when the arena is started. However, that is not the end. You need to pay attention to the weapon and everything used by the enemies. That is also an important magic chess strategy guide to do. The aim is to make sure that they are different.

2. The Hero Position

Managing the fighter position is for sure a really important tip to try. The example is if your enemy is the assassin. You must place your fighter in the furthest location. Based on the magic chess strategy guide, it is beneficial to make the assassin is unable to attack your back part. Actually, there are some positions that must be used.

The fighter, tank, or wrestler is good for the back part. Meanwhile, the support or mage is located in the middle area. Everything has been described above in this information.

3. Wisely buy the characters

So many gamers recommend for not always buying the less important heroes. Why? That habit will make you lost more moneys and interest as well. Be wise is the key for this case.

Make sure that the fighters that you purchase are able to actively do a synergy and useful up to the end of the fight. There is also a secret that you have to understand. Always consider to choose the good fighters for both; the early or even the late game. This is a common magic chess strategy guide which is quite popular and done by many players.

4. Don’t collect too much money

If you get the money, just buy the characters or equipment straightly. Collecting too much money can be a trap for you. In this platform, getting the high salary or interest is quite easy.

That is why; you don’t need to be worried about that. The recommendation is to maintain Your salary between 10 up to 20 golds. That is stated in a magic chess strategy guide.