LG Stylo 5 Review – Superiorities, Deficiencies, and Everything You Need

LG Stylo 5 Review

During three years from 2017 up to 2019, a Korean brand LG released three Stylo series. In June 2019, it launched LG Stylo 5. Have you ever look for LG Stylo 5 review? It gives so many transformations from Stylo 3 and Stylo 4. You can feel the great change from the battery capacity. This all-day long performance comes from the battery 3500 mAh, not 3300 or 3200 mAh. By the way, it is merely a few examples from LG Stylo 5 specs and reviews. What else, then?

LG Stylo 5 Review Outlines Plenty of Differences from the Prior Series

Most people satisfy with new features of the Phablet that can increase their performance. They do not worry to undertake many activities like Selfie, capturing images, playing games, making the video, and so on. LG Stylo 5 review can clarify the features that have an obvious difference. Look at below:

1. Software and Processor

Let’s start with the features of software and processor where it holds an essential role in the phone’s performance. The manufacturer uses Android 9 Pie where the prior still use Android OS 8.1 Oreo. Next, the processor applies Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 1.8Hz.

2. Battery

Further, let’s talk about the battery that truly makes you can explore many things all day long only from Stylo 5. If the prior battery from the removable and non-removable lithium-Ion battery just 3.200 and 3.300 it gives far biggest capacity. Exactly, it has 3.500 mAh so that it can for out of standard use.

3. Price

The price at the first release merely reaches $1.999.99 but it is available in T-Mobile. Meanwhile, LG Stylo 5 review informs on the price at $299.99 in Cricket.

4. RAM

It also dares improve RAM although the internal storage keeps providing 32GB. Even though, the RAM has reaches 3GB. By the way, it just supports Nano-SIM.

5. Color

Nowadays, it is available in two options like Platinum Gray and Blonde Rose.

The Similar Specification from the previous Series based on LG Style 5 Review

LG Stylo 5 review keep preserving the features that still give a good performance. It is such as:

Specification that becomes the first consideration (camera) does not change the size. The front camera or Selfie camera applies 5MP and the main camera is 13MP.

Talk about the features LG Stylo 5 appears with Fingerprint, Proximity, and Accelerometer. If you ever read the prior article about Stylo 3, of course, you know that the Fingerprint gives a big role in writing and note security. This Phablet also undertakes it better with the performance of Android 9.0 Pie.

Good and Not Good of LG Stylo 5

In this section, LG Stylo 5 review conveys some good and not good of the phone. The good (superiority) and not good (deficiency) highlight some points. It consists of:

1. Superiority

If you like unique things, Stylo 5 has it from the plastic texture on the design. However, it does not happen in a whole part because the rest is quite well-built. Stylo or Stylus is a pen that includes on the phone. The pen is not only for writing notes but also navigating or drawing around apps.

Once more, the superiority comes from the jack port that merely provides one in 3.5mm. LG creates this phone where it just supports the 4G LTE internet network. In reality, none people use 3G, 2G, and below it. The Pabhlet with stylus has a back fingerprint scanner, and GPU Adreno 506.

2. Deficiency

Some people say that the Android on the software does not add much useful function. Even, some parties worry if it cannot get Android Q. Then, go on the camera feature where the result in the image just mediocre. But, is it normal because it has been suitable for the price.

Then, it is about the availability where it is not available in all phone store. You can get Stylo 5 in Boost, T-Mobile, and Cricket in the US. Unluckily, this device does not have a screen protector and the navigation system still uses A-GPS only. On the other hand, use a single slot for the SIM card includes the deficiency. Such as you know, most phones both expensive and cheap keep providing two slots for double SIM Cards.

Do not believe it 100% because it just the opinion from a few users. Who knows you have a different impression from this Pabhlet? Each person has a different experience although the moment keeps similar.

Comparison of Stylo 5 and the Average

LG Stylo 5 review feels incomplete without comparing this Pabhlet and the other average items. Hopefully, it can return credible to this phone again. In common, cell phone with each price like it just has 2978.42mAh. It turns out it dares appears the battery power of 3500 mAh. The pixel density reaches 390ppi where the others are still 335.19ppi. What about the CPU speed? Do not worry because this phone does not use 10.02GHz but 8 x 1.8GHz. Let’s recall the RAM that has increased from 2 GB in 3GB with 32 GB internal storage.

Most smartphones in 1080x 2160 resolutions appear at a high cost but it can do it. Along with this resolution, the price is the same as the pabhlet in 1.54MP. LG Stylo 5 review outlines the screen size up to 6.2 inches meanwhile the cheapest cellphone gives 5.36″. What else? Continue on the thickness where stylo 5 choose to reduce it only 8.4mm not 8.82mm. That is why this phone looks catchy, slim, and convenient to use (hold). Once more, Stylo 5 applies a Bluetooth 4.2 version, not 4.16.

Hopefully, LG Stylo 5 review today does not make you confuse. You are smart and should you can utilize this information as well as possible. Once more, do not believe this information 100% because this page also cannot guarantee the truth. Moreover, any information develops very fast like a flashlight. Precisely, you go on the stores that available this device and touch it directly. Okay, that is detailed information on the cellphone that is affordable with superiorities. Try to buy and review it alone pretty your friend knows it. Thank you and good luck!

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