Latest Mobile Legends Ranking 2022 : Warrior to Mythical Glory

latest mobile legends ranking

The latest mobile legends ranking 2022 has been released, and how do you rate it? With games like this, mobile legends can feel more intense because all players must slowly climb the Mobile Legends ranks and compete with other players. Mobile Legends has become a viral game, and its popularity is constantly increasing from time to time. Not only that, but mobile legends are also easy to get through the tiers. And another fact that you need to know here is you have to win to rank up in this game.

According to research, Mobile Legends has become one of the most addictive games ever. The reason was that the players of this game were chasing different tiers and ranks. So if players can maintain their performance and proficiency, it will be effective.

Latest Mobile Legends Ranking 2022 – Which Tier are You?

latest mobile legends ranking

The ranking system in Mobile legends is divided into eight different ranks, and each tier also has detailed information. To increase rank, players must play in ranked games and win, and slowly rise from each of these ranks:

1. Warrior

New players will start the latest mobile legends ranking 2022 from the Warrior tier. This rank has three stages: Warrior I, II, and III. You must get 3 and 4 stars from tier III to II to reach Warrior 1 before advancing to the next tier, Elite.

2. Elite

Players must collect 5 stars to boost their rank, starting from the lowest level, Elite III. Mobile legends ranking system with 5 stars means you have to win a streak 5 times and don’t lose stars so you can quickly boost rank to the next tier.

3. Master

The higher the rank, the more complex and challenging the game of each Latest Mobile Legends Ranking 2022. And new games will start to be found in the Master rank. This master has 4 stages, namely from IV to me, and must collect 5 stars to get through each tier.

4. Grandmaster

Following mobile legends bang bang ranks are Grandmaster or often given the abbreviation GM. Technically, the game is still the same. At this rank, all players have started to use strategies and must be smart to strategize to win.

5. Epic

Here, there is a new technique, namely the draft pick. Players can only choose one hero, and that’s also a scramble system. There are also banned heroes, so for high mobile legends hero ranking, they will be banned to allow for potential wins.

6. Legend

Legend is a rank targeted by many because of the difficulty of breaking through the Epic tier. Legend is the place for pro players in Mobile Legends. This requires solid communication between players on Latest ML Ranking 2022 so that they can lead to victory.

7. Mythic

Latest mobile legends ranking in 2022 continued by playing ten games in the Mythic tier. This rank is highly recommended for not playing solo because there will be no cohesiveness as a team. So, when in Mythic, it’s better to play with friends.

You must collect 600 points at the Mythic level to rise to the highest rank in mobile legends, namely Mythical Glory. In this Mythic level, we often meet pro players of course, the difficulty level is also very high on every latest ML ranking 2022.

8. Mythical Glory

Mythical Glory is the highest level in Mobile Legends, which also determines a player’s ranking. By collecting as many stars as possible, the rank of individual players will also increase, and this is a pro player’s paradise.

We advise you to play with a regular team because this is one of the best ways to increase your rank while in Mobile legends. In addition, so that the latest mobile legends ranking 2022 remains high, every season, you must be diligent in playing and winning!