How to Track Your Lost Android Phone Fast and Easily

How to Track Your Lost Android Phone

Yesterday I have shared article about How to find your lost phone Android and in article I explained about How to Track Your Lost Phone by Android Device Manager. But in the article I explained how to track your lost phone using Android phone. You can borrow phone android your friends or you can use second your phone android. But if you can not borrow phone your friends or you only have 1 phone Android, so you can not track your lost phone android. But don’t worry now I will share to you How to Track Your Lost Android Phone using computer by Android Device Manager.

The point of this article is same with article before. It’s you must install your lost phone Android with Android Device Manager first because if you haven’t installed the app. We can’t track your lost phone, so I ever explained or I suggested to you that Precaution. Please download this app (Android Device Manager) first and install the app on your android phone. OK If you want to download please come to Play Store and you can type in search engine Android Device Manager after please install the app.

There are some steps to track your lost phone using computer. please follow all of steps below :

How to Track Your Lost Android Phone

  • Open browser in your computer first and type Google search after that type Android Device Manager in Google search. Or you can Click here directly
  • After that please login into your email on your lost android phone. Type your email and the password.
  •  Then, click accept. It’s same like you first time access to Android Device Manager in your Android phone.
  • After that Device Manager will search location of your lost phone. Please a minute until Device Manager show the location of your lost phone Android.
  • After you find location of your smartphone, Same like login by Android phone when you track your lost android phone, you can select Ring or Setup Lock & Erase. If you select Ring, that means is your lost Smartphone will ring every 5 minutes. If you select Setup Lock & Erase, that means is you can delete all of data on your lost smart phone or you can change password your phone.
  • Important note for you that this app can be used if your lost phone’s active or ON. If your lost phone’s OFF you can not track your lost phone.
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