Top Up Mobile Legends Diamonds

Diamonds give so many benefits for Mobile Legends players. If you are a user of this game, you can buy everything in this game with them. You can use diamonds to buy heroes, emblem fragments, skins, etc. Knowing the benefits, do you want to know how to top up Mobile Legends diamond cheaply? If you do not, you can follow the tips below. Never think that you can claim free diamonds Mobile Legend without any effort.

How to Top Up Mobile Legends Diamonds Cheaply Via Google Play

To get diamonds cheaply can be the best choice for you to save your budgets. There are a few ways you can do to top up diamonds cheaply. Below are the first ways to try.

1. Open Google Play app

First, you can open this app on your home screen. After that, you can follow the next way.

2. Click the three-line icon

When the app is opened, you can find and click on the three-line icon that is located on the top left side

3. Choose the Payment Methods option

The third way of how to top up Mobile Legends diamond cheaply is to click the Payment Methods option. You can find this option after doing the second step.

4. Choose Add GoPay

In this fourth step, you can choose the Add GoPay option as the payment method in this app. When you finish doing it, you can just enter your GoPay phone number and enter the given OTP code.

5. Enter the game and click the Diamonds menu

When you are successfully doing the fourth step of how to top up Mobile Legends diamond cheaply, now you can enter the game. On the main page, you can click on the Diamonds menu.

6. Choose the number of diamonds

After you click on the diamonds menu, there will appear some choices. On this page, you can choose the number of diamonds that you want to buy.

7. Click the pop-up payment method

After you choose the number of diamonds you want to buy, there will be a pop-up payment method afterward. In this matter, just click the payment method with GoPay.

8. Wait for the verification

You need to wait for the verification for a moment after you click the payment method. When the payment is successful, there will be a notification of it. Then, you can enjoy the diamonds in your Mobile Legends account.

How to Top Up Mobile Legends Diamond Cheaply Using Operator Credit

The second way you can do to top up diamonds cheaply is by using your operator credit on your phone. This is a practical way you can do to buy any amount of diamonds. How to make it happen? Just follow the steps below.

1. Open the Mobile Legends app

First, you should open the app of this game. When you reach the main page of this game, just click on the plus icon beside the diamond icon. When you do it, the diamond window will be opened.

2. Choose the amount of diamond

The second step of how to top up Mobile Legends diamonds cheaply your credit is to choose the amount of diamond you want. There is also the amount of money information you should spend under the amount of a certain diamond.

3. Choose the payment method

In this step, you can choose the payment method with your credit operator. Your credit operator billing will automatically appear on the payment method. So, just tap on it while appearing.

4. Follow the next instruction

After you choose the payment method, you can follow the next instruction to finish the process of purchasing diamonds. When it is successful, you can, then, enjoy the diamond to buy some items in the Mobile Legends shop. You can use it to buy some premium skins to beautify your hero’s appearance while you use it on the land of dawn.

Considering that diamonds have an important role to buy some items in Mobile Legends, you can purchase them in a few different ways. The two ways above are the easiest and cheapest ways to get diamonds you can try. With them, you will not spend more budgets just because you do not know the cheap ways. Well, that is all about how to top up Mobile Legends diamond cheaply to share with you. Have a nice try.