How to Get Free Skin PUBG Mobile in a Fast Way

Do you play PUBG Mobile? Then, you must have much UC so that you could buy several skins in PUBG. Thus, some players just want to get free skin PUBG Mobile especially those who do not want to spend money to buy UC for PUBG skins. For your information, skins are important to help the players to personalize their weapons and items for battlefields. Today, we are going to discuss PUBG free skins trick for PUBG players. Are you interested? Then, let’s read more about it for further information below!

Useful Ways to Get Free Skin PUBG Mobile for You

Again, some weapons in PUBG may cost a lot of money so the gamers wish for having to get free skin PUBG Mobile. There are some ways to get free skin PUBG. What are they? Let’s take a look at it in the following details below!

1. Google Opinion Reward

Google Opinion Reward may be the top way to get easy, free skin PUBG Mobile 2020 ever. Same as its name, this application is developed by Google. To get PUBG skins from this app, you need to answer the surveys. Then, you will get Google Play credits as rewards. The credits are useful to purchase UC

for PUBG skin. Earn more credits by answering more surveys.
2. Events

PUBG must hold certain events for a definite season. You might get skin PUBG Mobile for free if you join and complete the event mission. Find your free gun skins by participating in the events. Do not worry, the missions are not pretty difficult to do. Anyway, for your information, you might also get points playing the game for buying UC. Once you log in to the game event, you will get 10 points. Easy, right?

3. Redeem Codes

Talking about the easiest way to get free skin PUBG Mobile, redeem codes must be included. Tencent games release the codes frequently. All you need to do is redeeming the codes so that you can get certain PUBG Mobile skins, emotes, or cosmetics. The codes usually are unlimited but even so, you need to redeem it quickly to make it valid. Let you visit the redemption center to redeem the codes.

4. Crate Coupons

It is possible to buy PUBG skins with crate coupons. You could get free crate coupons easily by completing or finishing in-game missions. There are three kinds of crate coupons. They are classic, supply, and premium. These coupons might send different items or skin rewards. Keep in mind that you need to be lucky first to get weapon skins. To increase your luckiness, you should save your coupons to open ten times of achievement rewards.

5. Earning UC

As you have known that there are two PUBG currencies, BP and UC. If you want to get free skin PUBG Mobile, you should collect free UC by using varied methods. They are PUBG Bonus Challenges, Swagbucks, and Idle-empire. In Bonus Challenges, there will be a system for player’s skill showing and coins battle for UC exchange. Swagbucks might ask you to complete certain tasks for gift card redemption. Almost similar to Swagbucks, Idle-empire also offers Google Play gift cards to purchase PUBG skins once you complete specific tasks.

6. Royale Pass

For some players who have played PUBG Mobile for a long time and have already reached a certain level, there will be Royale Pass game missions. You need to complete the mission to win free gun skins. There will also be free P92 Toy Alliance gun skin available if you are skilled enough and can finish the missions.

Installing Google Opinion Rewards

As it has been told before, to get free skin PUBG Mobile, you could make use of Google Opinion Rewards. Then, how to install it? Let’s read some useful tips below!

1. Play Store

Let you open go to the Play Store on your device. You need to log in with your G-mail to use Play Store though. If you have not had a G-mail, you would better create it first to sign up. Once you are successful logging in, let you type and enter the ‘Google Opinion Rewards’ on the search dialogue. Once you find the app, let you download and install it.

2. Take the Survey

Once it is successfully installed on your phone, you could start taking the survey. Open the application and answer some questions provided. Remember, if this is the first time you are using Google Opinion Reward, you will not get any reward. Yet, as time goes on, you will soon get paid.

3. PUBG Mobile app

Open your PBG Mobile game app if you think you have earned enough points to purchase skins. To do it, you should go to the UC Purchase section and buy it with your Google Play balance as your payment method. Once you have bought the UC, you could buy weapon skins.

There are still many ways to get free skin PUBG Mobile which has not been written such as downloading or using certain apps. Yet, those 6 tips are the best way to get free skin easily.