Hilda Hero Guide

Welcome to Hilda hero guide in Mobile Legends! This page wants to review the special skills, enemies, and how to play. She comes as the tank hero or a very mobile fighter in this video game. Even, Hilda is very well-known about her speed to get the health generation point when she enters the bush. Roughly, what information else you can get from the guide Hilda Mobile Legends today? By the way, this page still wants to focus on three points above. Absolutely, there are many interesting things to discuss but it should sort them.

Hilda Hero Guide in Mobile Legends : Reveal Her Skill!

Very sorry if you do not get all you want but this page is trying to give the best. Certainly, you have often heard some about the build item, gear combination, and emblem. So, it sounds not special again and less important to appear here. Actually, this page merely intends to say that review about the skill from Hilda hero guide is more appealing. Well, let’s now to use this precious time:

1. 1st Skill

In the first skill, Hilda calls it as the Combat Ritual. The fact is this skill still breaks down into several levels such as below:

  • Level1: It is able to give 30% Movement Speed Bonus, 200 Base Damage, 10 seconds Cooldown, and 120 Diffuse Damage.
  • Level2: This level differs from the prior level in the 230 Base Damage and 138 Diffuse Damage.
  • Level3: It has 156 Diffuse Damage and 260 Base Damage.
  • Level4: The Base Damage reaches 290 and the Diffuse Damage is 174.
  • Level5: You can get 320 Base Damage and 192 Diffuse Damage.
  • Level6: There are 350 Base Damage and 210 Diffuse Damage.
2. 2nd Skill
  • The Art of Hunting as skill 2 presents 6 levels too such as below:
  • Level1: It has 120 Base Damage and 11 seconds Cooldown.
  • Level2: The Cooldown needs 11 seconds with 150 Base Damage.
  • Level3: You can emerge 180 Base Damage and 10 seconds Cooldown.
  • Level4: There are 210 Base Damage and 9 seconds Cooldown.
  • Level5: It shows 240 Base Damage and 9 seconds Cooldown too.
  • Level6: The skill gives 270 Base Damage and 8 seconds Cooldown.
3. Ultimate Skill

Power of Wildness is another name from the ultimate skill. It turns out merely shows 3 levels such as the following:

  • Level1: The skill gives 700 Base Damage, 80 Added Damage, 40 Damage Boost, and 35 seconds Cooldown.
  • Level2: You can attack your enemy with 800 Base Damage, 60 Damage Boost, 120 Added Damage, and 30 seconds Cooldown.
  • Level3: It has 25 seconds Cooldown, 80 Damage Boost, 160 Added Damage, and 900 Base Damage.

Enemies and 9 Tricks to Play Hilda Hero

Hilda Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

In Mobile Legends, Hilda counters Layla, Freya, and Alucard. On the other hands, she as well has own enemies namely Uranus and Jawhead. To fight them, you really need good tips to defeat those all. The Hilda Hero Guide 2019 here has 8 way as your best tricks:

1. Optimize your first skill immediately to apply more damage and decrease the cooldown.

2. Make sure for the last land in the last game to give significant damage amount. This way eases you to face your squishy enemies such as marksman (assassin) and mage.

3. Long and stick your enemy use the 2nd skill because it is longer than the basic attacks.

4. If you want to boost your ultimate skill damage a lot, get at least 10 assists/ kill immediately.

5. Regenerate a shield every 10 seconds easily with trying to bait an enemy to fight.

6. Hilda guide hero commands you to use the first ability to run away or chase enemies.

7. Use bush to refresh your shield and roam to the lane always.

8. Although your ultimate only stun one enemy but the other enemies nearly receives 60% of the damage.

Okay, those are 8 tricks and tips to play from Hilda hero guide in Mobile Legends. Happy playing!