Gusion Hero Guide

Gusion is one of the best assassin heroes with mobile movement. He can chase his enemy that runs away easily. Your team will take many benefits with this hero. So, you are suggested to learn everything about this hero with the Gusion hero guide in Mobile Legends. Then, you need to know that many players are scared of this hero, especially when he uses his combo skills. Some heroes can die with his one combo skill since it will produce high burst damage. So, let’s learn it in this Gusion guide 2019.

Tips to Make Combo Skill with Gusion Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

Gusion Hero Guide

To make an effective and deadly attack, you need to know how to make the combo skill. With it, Gusion will kill an enemy quickly before getting any counter-attack. How you can do it? Let’s check it out on this Gusion guide in Mobile Legends.

1. Use second skill

To make a deadly combo skill, first, you can use Gusion’s second skill. It will release 5 daggers. Make sure all of those daggers hit the targeted enemy. Let them for a while and follow the second tips below.

2. Use the ultimate skill

Without recalling the 5 daggers done in the first skill, then, you can use his ultimate skill. It will refresh the cooldown of his first and second skills. Thus, they will be ready to be used again.

3. Press the second skill again

After being refreshed, you can press the second skill again. In this condition, it means that he releases 10 daggers added up with 5 daggers done in the first step.

4. click the first skill twice

After releasing 10 daggers, you can press the first skill and make sure it hits the target to give a mark. After that, you can press it again to chase the enemy.

5. Call the 10 daggers

While Gusion dash to the targeted hero with the first skill, then you can immediately press the second skill to recall the 10 daggers. When he bears down on the target, the 10 daggers will also follow him and hit the enemy. In this condition, he will deal with high burst damage that can kill the target instantly.

To use this Gusion combo, you should try to do it as fast as possible. Thus, the enemy will die and not be able to give a counter-attack. To master this combo skill, you can practice more in the custom mode.

The Superiorities of Gusion hero guide in Mobile Legends

For additional information on the Gusion Mobile Legends guide, you need to know his superiorities. Thus, you can take many benefits of knowing them. Here we go.

1. Having high burst damage

This hero can produce very high burst damage. With 10 daggers, he can deal high damage when all of the daggers hit the enemies. So, you should position this hero well with the right timing to attack the enemy heroes and give deadly attacks.

2. All of his skills can be used twice

These matters are the unique side owned by this hero. The first skill can be used again to chase the enemy that runs away. You can use the second skill again to recall the daggers released. You can do the same on his ultimate skill to blink or dash to the designed location.

3. Getting the beneficial ultimate skill

With the ultimate skill, Gusion can have his passive skill that will come repeatedly. In this condition, he can figure out the enemy easily, even a tank.

Since this assassin hero is useful to be a damage dealer to all enemies, make sure you have and master his role. To enrich your understanding of this hero, just learn the Gusion hero guide in Mobile Legends above carefully.