Guide for Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is being discussed by game lovers almost all over the world. This game can indeed bring user’s imagination to the level of the real world. Cause, you will play Pokemon GO with turning on the GPS, so you have to find a Pokemon while walking down every street corner you pass. Therefore, we intend to provide a complete guide for Pokemon GO from beginning to the higher level. For those of you who want to play Pokemon GO but confused to begin with, you can read this article carefully. Previously, you had to download Pokemon GO  first, ok! Already? Well, Info New Technologies will explain about complete guide for Pokemon GO!

Complete Guide For Pokemon GO

First start the game Pokemon GO, you’ll see a professor character with the silvery hair appear and explain and teach how you play Pokemon GO at the very beginning. You will know how to throw a Pokeball and catch Pokemon. After that, this professor character will disappear and only ask you to get out and start exploring around you. Usually, from here you will be a little bit at a loss. If you want to get Pikachu while playing Pokemon Go at the first time, you can try to apply the tips on this one. Well, do you want to get the Pikachu? Here is complete guide and how to play Pokemon GO

1. PokeStop

As a new player of Pokemon GO, you will find the location marker on the mini-map presented and see Pokeball blue symbol  (can be cube-shaped box if it is still far away). Well, it was called a PokeStop! By finding PokeStop, it means you can start picking up items and score points at the start of the game. Before you get items from PokeStop, keep in mind that PokeStop must be within range of you. Otherwise, even if you click PokeStop, you will not get anything. Once within range, the photo location/original monument will be displayed by Poke Stop, whether it be photos of restaurants, mosques, markers, statues, or other monuments.

Rotate images by swiping the screen from the left or right and the items will begin to fall. Needless to knock one on one item, simply press the “X” and it will be collected by itself. If you already have the item, then PokeStop previously is blue will be purple, because it is already used. But be calm, it will turn blue back in about 5 minutes.

There was a slight glitch where after playing, PokeStop is not turned into purple. Relax, it does not affect the acquisition of your items. Remembering that apk that is used to download PokemonGO is still not official, there will be some people who experience this glitch. If you’re one of them, do not be surprised if the effect of the used of incense and Lucky Egg is also not visible on the screen (although its function remains useful). Well, all PokeStop will be in the same place, so if those around you rejoicing to get PokeStop, bring it to the same direction, then you can also find the PokeStop. The higher your level, then the prize is provided PokeStop also increasingly diverse.

2. Gym

Gym is an arena where Pokemon are fighting and train the Pokemon’s skills you have. To get into the gym, you have to break the level 5 in advance, and have selected the team provided: Instinct Team (Yellow), Mystic Team (Blue) and Valor Team (Red). After that, you can begin to conquer the opponent Gym or strengthen Prestige Gym of your own team. Before getting into that level, you have to develop Pokemon Trainer experience first. For more information about GYM, you can read the complete guide for Pokemon Go and tips using Gym that You Must Know follows here.

3. Catch Pokemon

Well, guide for Pokemon GO next is catching Pokemon! Unlike PokeStop or Gym that just being in the designated location, Pokemon can appear suddenly anywhere and anytime. The kind that’s emerged is erratic, some kind of high-level Pokemon may even appear suddenly in one place. You’ll always be surprised by the presence of Pokemon that spreads throughout area you pass through. There is no icon on the map indicating that Pokemon is being on a specific location of the place. The only marker is the flick of green leaves that looked moving. Usually when you see it, there will be Pokemon appear there!

When you are near the Pokemon and get ready to catch it, there will be some sort of a signal in the form of a circle around the body of the monster. If it’s green, it means the Pokemon easy to catch, and if it is orange, yellow or red it means to be a bit difficult to grasp (Red’s hardest). To counteract the difficulty level of the arrest, you can use Razz Berry or Pokeball more sophisticated, such as the Great Ball, etc.

During hunting You can also wear earphones or a headset when you go down the area to look for monsters if lazy must for going while looking at the screen. Turn on Battery Saver option to save the battery when you playing Pokemon Go while using the earphones. If you still have not found too, click Nearby Options that will display the row nearest Pokemon in your location. Below you can find the iconic of monster footprints comprising one, two or three tread footprint.

Egg and Incubator

Typically, on the PokeStop, besides getting Pokeball, you can also get Egg. With Egg, you have a chance to incubate Pokemon that may be rare and seldom found even though you are already hundreds of miles down the area map. To be able to incubate, you can start the incubation, and must be run according to the distance determined by the egg. Keep in mind, until thre is this article, you can only store nine eggs in a column supplies.

Distance traveled to incubate, there are three, namely: 2.0 Km, 5.0 Km and 10 Km. The farther the distance to go, you will get the more rare and powerful Pokémon. You will only get one unlimited incubator that you can use over and over again. After that, the incubator you bought or acquired from leveling up will expire after three times of use.

To start doing incubation of eggs, you can follow the steps below:

  • In Map View, select the Main Menu.
  • Once done, there will be various options, select Pokemon.
  • In here, there are two categories, select Eggs and select one of the eggs that you want.
  • Then there is the option Start Incubation, select it.
  • After you enter Start Incubation, then select one of the available incubator.
  • Start walking to incubate the egg.

4. Transfer

As a true player of Pokemon GO, you can choose one or more Pokemon to be stored, and then transfer the weaker Pokemon to the silver-haired professor in exchange for Candy. Well, after that, your Pokemon, you can increase it again by feeding the candy is specific to each species. You can sell Pidgey if you have more than one to get a special candy that can be given to Pidgey, Pidgeotto, or Pidgeot itself. This candy can be used to evolve (Evolve) so that your Pokemon will be stronger and can survive in the battle in the Gym.

This transfer process you can do on the Main Menu option on the screen of Pokemon GO you play. Each Pokemon has a Transfer button to get candy. Each Pokemon also has a Power Up button and Evolve button. To enable the Power Up feature, you must have the Stardust, which you can get by catching Pokemon, incubate the eggs and or transfer the Pokemon that you had to Professor (rare).

5. Raising Level

Just like all the other games, you can also raise the level of Trainer you have. To raise the level, you have to get a lot of XP or Experience Point. You can get XP from a wide variety of activities, ranging from catching Pokemon, until hatching the eggs. Here is more information:

TASK                               EXP POINTS
Catching Pokemon 100 XP
Catching Bonus
-Nice                                Extra 10 XP
-Great                              Ekstra 50 XP
-Excellent                       Ekstra 100 XP
-Curveball                       Ekstra 10 XP

Hatching the Eggs

-2.0 Km                              200 XP
-5.0 Km                              500 XP
-10.0 Km                           1000 XP

Evolve Pokemon 500 XP
Getting New Pokemon  500 XP
Visit PokeStop 50 XP
-Get 6+ Items Extra             100 XP
Train di Gym depending success
Battle di Gym depending success

Rising level in Pokemon GO not only improves your opportunity to get a Pokemon with higher level and provide a series of bonus items, but also unlock a lot of things. Curious what can you get? Let’s check it! That is a complete guide for Pokemon GO. Hopefully, this article can help you more easily understand about Pokemon GO world. Tell your friends, girlfriends, and relatives to read this article Complete Guide For Pokemon GO, so as not vain or misstep when playing Pokemon GO and I think you have to read this article What Should be brought when playing Pokemon Go, because this is important for you before playing this game.