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Get COD points from Companion Apps

Points are very important in Call of Duty. You can use them to buy some things in this game. The items you can buy using COD points are weapons, skins, inventory, and even premium pass. Since the points are important, you can get COD points from companion apps. As you know, this game has a companion app that provides so many benefits, include rewards. So, just use the COD companion app rewards and get benefits from them. Then, how can you get benefits like points and other rewards? If you do not know the answer, you can follow the explanation below.

How to Get COD points from Companion Apps

If you want to get points directly from the companion apps, you can do the following tips. Let’s check them out.

1. Download and sign in

Firstly, how to get COD points from companion apps is downloading the app and sign in. Both Android and iOS users can download this companion app in the app store. So, if you want to get free points of COD, now you can download the app and sign into it. You will be rewarded 500 COD Points instantly. After that, you can use your points to buy some items you need.

2. Opening the app every week

Besides downloading and signing into the app, you can also get additional rewards. What can you do to get COD points from companion apps? The way is so simple. Yes, you can just open the companion app every week. By doing it, you will get additional rewards that are so interesting. In this matter, you will get the chance to have more COD points by doing this way.

Benefits of Using Companion Apps

Besides you get COD points from companion apps, you will also get other benefits from the apps. You must be amazed after knowing the kinds of benefits you will get. What are they? Let’s take a look at the list below.

1. Analyze your performance after a battle

After you go to the battle, you certainly need to know your performance. It is important to know which performance is satisfying and which one needs improvement. You can see all of them if you can analyze your battle performance. Thus, the presence of this companion app lets you analyze your performance after you go to every battle.

2. Connect with friends

With this app, you can also connect to your friends across platforms. Thus, you can know their activities in this game, especially when they are playing. So, this app can be the best companion for you.

3. Track and compare stats

This app has some features that let you see your stats. Besides just seeing your own stats, you can compare them with your friends. This way can be the right way to see how great you are playing and using this game.

4. Compete with your squad

Did you get COD points from companion apps and do you want more benefits? If so, you can make it happen. Well, after you have a companion app, you can join a squad. You can choose your preferred squad you find. However, if you like to establish a squad, you can also create it by yourself. After having or joining a squad, you can compete against other squads. You can fight for the top spot in every weekly tournament. When your squad can go to the top 3, you can win exclusive in-game rewards. It is so interesting, isn’t it? So, you can download the companion app, sign in, then compete with your squad to get additional rewards.

5. Manage your loadout

Last, you can manage your loadout easily using the companion app. In this matter, you can edit your COD Black Ops 4 loadouts on the fly. So, just manage your loadout as well as you can with this app.

To get COD points from companion apps is not a difficult matter to do. You can make it happen only in a minute if you know the right ways. So, just follow the steps above carefully to get COD points instantly. Also, you can learn other benefits above. So, you can take other important benefits from the companion app you have download. Well, that is all about a companion app of COD to share with you. Hopefully, it can be the right reference to increase your understanding of this game.