Collect the Free Skin Among Us and Other Items Easily Here

Getting the free skin among us is a happy thing for the people. This game is getting so popular among the players because it is so fun and also offer the different thing. Basically, it is quite similar to werewolf. It means that you should find who is the impostor or bad people between the players. That what make it is so interesting to have. Just like another game that you can find, this also has the skin and pet that can be chosen.

However, not all the among us skins are available for free. Some are paid. Usually, the paid ones are looked really unique and funny. That is why; so many people really want to know about how to collect them. In this article, you may get that information.

The Free Skin Among Us

In this game, there are some free skins that you can choose. Those are like the colorful clothes such as the green, red, blue, and many more again. To get more, a player must pay for it. To get the more interesting skin, hat, and pet in among us, the legal way is by purchasing it. You can click the price list displayed there and follow the the further steps to complete the process.

However, that method is only for those who are really addicted to that game and have money for sure. If you don’t want to do that, there is a ‘cheat’ way which seems so interesting. This cheat can be used to open the hat, skin, and pet for free. However, you should use this cheat wisely for not disturbing the comfort of the other players there.

Get the Skins by Downloading an App

In this game, you can get the whole free skin among us, hat, or pet by downloading an application called Mod. It is a modified one, but it still has the same display like the original one. Usually, it added the script to open the locked skin. It means that the players can have all of those things for free. In the other words, you don’t need the complicated cheats. The only thing to do is downloading the Mod APk. The download links are available in the internet by inserting the APK Mod Among us. After that you can choose one of those links.

How to Install that Application

After you follow the step above, the next thing to do is the installation process. It is done to get the free skin among us and the other paid items. Before downloading the Mod APK, download the original one first. That is needed to make this process is successfully done. After the players were successfully done that, the whole items are opened and could be used for free.

Furthermore, you can also play this game together with your friends and other players without any obstacles. You should try it from your gadgets because it is so easy.

How to get the Free Skin from a PC

For you who are playing the among us game from the PC, it just needs to change the time in that computer to enjoy the whole items. You don’t need any download or installation step.

To do so, open the “date and time” setting. After that, disable the set time automatically option. The next thing to do is changing the date into 31 October to get the Halloween costume. The player may change the date into 25 of December to get the special Christmas costume. It is as easy as that. Being able to wear that will make your play is more fun and interesting.

Get the Free Skin Among Us from your Android/IOS

The same thing can be done to get the free among us costume from the Android or IOS gadgets. However, there is a thing that you need to pay attention before. The player should delete the caches from the data in a cell phone. To do so, enter to the setting option, choose the apps menu, click “among us”, and then clear cache there.

After that, the players just need to change the time in the android cell phone by doing this step; settings > additional settings > date and time. That is not the end of the steps.

Get the Free Skin Among Us Items for the IPhone

The next step to do is disabling the use network provided time. Meanwhile, for among us in iPhone, go to the setting option first. After that, choose the general menu, then “date & time”. Then, manage your date in Android or iPhone to become 31 of October to get the Halloween suits. Meanwhile, the 25 of December is used to get the Christmas costume.

The next to do is opening that game application from your gadgets. You will be surprised because the free skin among us and the other items have been already there in the app.

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