Clint Hero Guide

Hello, mobile legends’ lovers! Do you have a want to get a Clint hero guide in Mobile Legends? Before knowing it more, it is better for you to know first who Clint is. Clint is a very special type of marksman. He is like a little mixture of spell caster and marksman which makes him really interesting. He also has a passive skill that will be useful for the endless battle. In the team fight, he can deal true damage if you use the right build item Clint. So, have a good look at the explanation below to know it more.

Skills of Clint Hero Guide in Mobile Legends You Need to Know and Master

To use this hero maximally, you need to know his skills first. After you understand them, you can just practice more and more to increase your gameplay with this hero. Here are the skills of Clint hero guide in Mobile Legends you should recognize.

1. Quick Draw

This is the passive skill of this hero. Each time he casts a skill, the next attack penetrates the line of targets. It deals with 120% of his basic attack. So, it will be useful to reduce the enemy heroes hit point more quickly. It will be the killing basic attack if you use the right Mobile Legends Clint build 2019. To get the right build, you can see the items used by the pro player and just copy them.

2. Blind Smoke

This first skill will give an area of effect damage. With this skill, Clint projects a small bomb that deals damage to the enemy heroes in an area. Then, his basic attacks’ hit rate of the enemy heroes in the smoke area will be decreased by 25%. This condition will also decrease the enemies’ movement speeds by 60%. So, it will be the good crowd control to the enemy heroes.

3. Heel Rope

With this skill, Clint will step back a little and also shoot a trap net forward. It will also deal damage to the first enemy that gets hit. Besides, it will also slow the enemy. It will be a good skill to be combined with the first skill.

4. Howitzer

This is the ultimate skill of Clint. It can give big damage to enemies. He will launch a grenade in the specified and directed location. The grenade will explode and deal damage to the enemy on hit. This ultimate skill can be used to shot the enemy 5 times.

Precautions of Clint

There are some precautions when you use Clint. You need to know them so that you are able to use this hero properly. Keep on Clint hero guide and here they are.

1. Positioning

You have to be in good condition in the matter of positioning. So, try to position Clint that is hard to be reached by the enemy. So, you can deal with many damages without getting any hits from the enemies.

2. Targeting method

The targeting method is an important matter to know. Since it is a great marksman, try to shot the most valuable player from the enemy. Or you can try to always hit the enemy hero with the lowest hit point.

3. Don’t too reckless

On the battlefield, you should always focus and never underestimate the enemies, even your team will 99.99% win. A marksman can deal big damage but has little blood. So, don’t be too reckless to do everything on the battlefield. To get a safer condition, you can buy a defensive item like Clint Thunder Belt. It can increase his hit point so he won’t be easy to die while he gets damage from the enemies.

If you want to master this hero, you need to know his skills well and consider the precautions. So, understand this Clint hero guide in Mobile Legends and practice more to improve your gameplay.