Call of Duty Mobile Release Date and Place – Pre-Register and Play Now!

Call of Duty Mobile Release

Playing video games on mobile is very practice and has been being a trend in the world. Now, Call of Duty appears on the mobile phone so that you can play it anytime and anywhere. Globally, Call of Duty mobile release date is on October 01, 2019 so you must download it. Although it exists in the mobile version of iOS and Android, the sensation is never different. Call of Duty mobile is available in the App Store and Google Play Store. Could you get it for free? Yes, CoD Mobile is free to download.

Call of Duty Mobile Release Place – It sounds not all Countries launch it

Indeed, the manufacturer namely Activision states only choose several countries as the place to release on October 01, 2019. The formal time of Call of Duty mobile release place is only in the US and Europe. Meanwhile, China, Belgium, and Vietnam do not support the store. Based on Wikipedia, China keeps providing this video game where Tencent Games that carries it. Garena itself supports the availability of a COD mobile version for Southeast Asian countries.

Whatever it is, the important thing is that this game was released on that date (October 1, 2019) and it’s free. However, you should conduct a pre-register to try this game first through the official site of Call of Duty Mobile. Is there any difference in the game on PC and mobile? Seemly, it is a necessity to dig more information on this classic shoot-out game. Well, all about the CoD mobile version will appear below as a reminder and enhancer of insight for new players.

Call of Duty Mobile Release – Know More before Fighting

Listen to this article which will reveal everything about this remodel video game. Even though, this post wants to remember what CoD in common (PC). Call of Duty playing on PC is the classic video game with the theme of first-person-shooter. The game that released on October 29, 2003, plays based on the Quake II game namely Team Arena. Activision is the publisher too but Sledgehammer Games, Infinity Ward, and Treyarch were the developers. So, how about the mobile version of CoD which has been released?

Okay, you might need an explanation to know the difference between both games. Well, you have known when Call of Duty Release date and time. Therefore, complete your insight into this new-version game below:

1. CoD mobile version still similar to the PC version where it is classic first-person-shooter publishing by Activision. Even though, it differs on the developer where Activision collaborates with Tencent Games.

2. If Tencent Games is the carrier for China and Garena for southeast Asian, Activision is for the US and Europe.

3. For your information, the mobile version is only available in online multiplayer mode.

4. The CoD mobile version itself derives from a well-known FPS series where many parties appreciate it. FPS is popular because it shows the storyline for the single-player phase also simple and fast competitive.

5. The CoD mobile version keeps presenting some iconic elements that you usually play in the PC version. It is such as Hijacked, Nuketown, and crash as Free-For-All. Meanwhile, Deathmatch, Search and Destroy teams are the multiplayer modes.

Certainly, it is not late to get the CoD mobile version now because it has just been released. Seemly, the publisher likes October as the month for releasing. Let’s visit your Google Play Store or App Store to download it free. Do not forget to pre-register in the order you can play officially without trouble. Anyway, do not save this happy news only for you but share it because many people want this version. The information on Call of Duty mobile release date and place is very important to know soon. Thank you for this page and the publisher because you should not play on PC again but whenever you want. Happy playing CoD in the new version!

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