Best File Compression Software in 2019 Free Download

Best File Compression Software

Have you ever got so many works from your boss or several assignments from your teacher? Then, will you send the files one by one by using your e-mail? Well, it sounds tiring and taking much time. Why don’t you just try to compress the file? There are some kinds of best file compression software in 2019 you might use to submit all your files in one folder. Today, we will be going to discuss some great high compression software. Let you prepare for a personal computer to download this software first because you will need it. Now, let’s check this great compression software below!

Best File Compression Software in 2019 for You

There is several best file compression software in 2019 which you might download and use to make your files into one simple file. What are they? Let’s check them out in these following points now!

1. WinZip

The app becomes the most useful kind of best file compression software for PC which gain popularity nowadays. People love WinZip because it works well in all formats. It might support zip, gzip, tar, rar, cab, ISO, 7z, XZ, IMG, VMDK, VHD, and lha or lzh.

To compress and decompress your files must be easy to do with WinZip. Well, you might even share your files with a protection guarantee with the help of this software. If it is needed, you might create a password to open your file. WinZip is not free. You need to pay for $35.34 to use this software. However, there will be a free trial for you for about 45 days.

2. 7-zip

This is the best file compression software for free. Same as WinZip, 7-zip is popular among people. This is because it might compress several files on one zipped file with a small size. Then, you could use it as an attachment to send by using your e-mail. Most of the companies, both small and large company, use 7-zip to help their work since it is easy to use.

Anyway, this second compression software supports several formats including 7z, GZIP, XZ, ZIP, BZIP2, TAR, and WIM. For other formats such as EXT, CAB, GPT, EXT, RAR, ISO, etc., 7-zip could not compress but enables to unpack it. The plus point for this app is that it is free to download and use.

3. WinRar

WinRar works very fast to compress the multimedia files. This software is different because instead of compressing RAR files, you might create RAR files using WinRar. Plus, this app might feature splitting files which may be divided into damaged archive repair, separated volumes, and file name support. This software supports formats such as RAR, ZIP, CAB, Z, UUE, ACE, 7-ZIP, ARJ, and TAR. Same as the first software, you must pay for $29 to use this app. Or, you might use free trial offer for 40 days.

4. Zipware

This software is designed specifically for Windows. It is easy to use Zipware, even though you are a beginner. Well, Zipware supports almost all formats such as ZIP, CBR, 7Z, ZIPX, RAR, ISO, RAR5, VHD, TAR, MSI, GZIP, BZIP2, CPIO, LZH, DEB, etc. To protect your file, you could create a password. Well, use your Zipware to manage and create your password yourself. Zipware is very lovely and useful. It is even free to download by anyone. You do not need to pay any fee for getting this software.

5. PeaZip

Having best file compression software in 2019 to deal with a ZIP file, you might give a try in PeaZip. This software is user friendly. PeaZip supports several different formats up to 150 formats. That is great, isn’t it? It supports formats such as taz, tz, iso, Java, wim, u3p, lzma86, gzip, tgz, tpz, tar, zip, zipx, etc. It might even work on Microsoft Office, Apple’s dmg, Flash, and Google Android. PeaZip is free but has complete features like an encrypted password manager, splitting archives, authentication, duplicating files, and archiving schedules.

6. Hamster Zip Archiver

If you are a beginner who does not know about compressing, you could choose ZipWare or Hamster Zip. Hamster Zip is categorized as one kind of best file compression and extraction software. It is easy to use and connected to some popular services such as Google Drive, Yandex Disk, and Dropbox. Even though it is for Windows platform only, Hamster Zip still is useful since it works on many formats. They include zip, 7z, bz2, arj, gzip, tbz, deb, img, dmg, tgz, gz, lzh, hfs, rmp, pkg, taz, cab, rar, iso, tar, etc. Finally, Hamster Zip is free to download and use!

7. XZ Utils

Are you looking for the best file and folder compression software in 2019? Then, why don’t you try using XZ Utils? This app allows you to compress any files fast. Even it is free, XZ Utils works well for Unix-like. This software is not popular but it supports some formats such as rar, iso, tar, 7z, zip, etc. It has some kinds so you have many options. However, this app still needs a trial or error to find the best compression for your file.

8. Bandizip

This last one might not also be very popular. Yet, Bandizip works well on Windows and macOS platform. It is also free to download. Moreover, it is compatible to any format.

Well, from those best file compression software in 2019, you need to pick up one which matches you. Remember some factors such as your budget. If you do not have pennies, it is best to download the free software. Yet, if the ads disturb you, let you think about buying the premium one.

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