The 6 Best Android Browsers-The Fastest and The Lightest Browsers Apps

Best Android Browsers

Browser or web browser based on Wikipedia is the software which functions to accept and serve the source information on Internet. Some source information identified by same sources that can be as the web page, image or picture, video or a kind of another content. Even the web explore first reason is access the internet, but they can also use for accessing the information which served by the web server on the private network or the ex-file system. The explorer that I mean here such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari. These is the best android browsers that you have to try on your phone.

Over this time by the technological development, the browser itself has been available on all the gadget device, laptop, PC, tablet, and phone. Usually, for the Android users, they thought that the browser on their smartphone a little slow, that’s why there are appears many variant browsers that made special for the Android.

Here are collection of the best Android Browsers application that we’ve been served for you the readers. The best android browsers app below arranged from the every browser which available on Google Store.

The 6 Best Android Browsers-The Fastest and The Lightest Browsers Apps

1. Google Chrome

This Google Chrome Browser especially made by Google with a myriad of embedded features. The Google Chrome browser had been integrated with another several products of Google own likes Google Plus, Youtube and etc. The Google Chrome android has been sync with the Google Chrome Browser desktop version. The first feature which available on Google Chrome Android is the synchronization ability with the desktop version, then plug-in that applies by default is Adobe Flash and Native Client, and basically control by touched for browsing.

This is one of best android browsers. You can browse fast on your Android smartphone and tablet with Google Chrome Browser. You can take the history tab that you’ve been left on another device with the sync tab, browse with the voice and it saves up to 50% of data usage while browsing. You can download google chrome in this article : Download Google Chrome.

The Feature of Google Chrome Browser:

2. Opera Mini

The next of best android browsers is opera mini. Opera Mini is a browser with a million devotees for the Phone. Start from the Java phone generation with the ordinary GPRS until the smartphone for this time. the popularity from Opera Mini itself caused by the mobile browser has a lot of advantage that offers to the users.

The most popular advantage from this Opera Mini is the speed up when downloading some web page. This Opera Mini will compress the web page until the high ratio ‘til the loading process didn’t burden the phone.

The Opera Mini Browser Features:

3. Firefox Browser for Android

We can call it as the king of browser or as the web browser desktop. For this time, Firefox tried to master the browser mobile by releasing the Firefox Android (newest version 4.0). Firefox for Android has a superior feature likes the tabbed browsing, bookmark, Firefox Sync and support Add-on. The Mozilla development company was claimed faster until 3 times than the Android default browser.

This thing could happen because there is the combination engine javascript with JIT JeegerMonkey and it’s trusted can open the web page faster and the great graphic quality. The weakness of this browser is it haven’t support to open the web use the Flash Video. This app is also one of best android browsers, so let’s see the features:

The Mozilla Firefox Features:

4. Dolphin Browser

The Dolphin browser is the gesture usage or the hands moving while doing browsing. As before, if the users should be adjusted oneself with the application, but here is the opposite. The users can go the sites only by drawing the shapes on the screen using their finger. Awesome right?

Dolphin Browser also uses the add-ons feature, so that you can add the add-ons to this browser based on your necessity. The Dolphin browser has the ability which called Sonar that for knowing the user’s voice command.

The Dolphin Browser Features:

5. UC Browser

UC Browser is a light browser application and as the friendly user have compatibility with many kinds of mobile operating system. This browser can run on the phone with the Android platform, Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPhone from Apple nor Non-Smartphone which support Java. Same likes that Browser above. The app does not directly accept the request on the application. The every request will be pass through the server first for compressing step in order the file being smaller.

Then for the next, the file will be sent to the cellular device. The Compress method is a way to speed up the sender data and of course for saving the bandwidth that you used. The Browser has been completed with the tab browser usage that makes you possible to open many pages at one time, moreover until 12 page at once. The weakness from this browser is when you open the the browser then you will see the display often broke or haven’t optimal.

UC Browser features:

6. BOLT Browser

The last list of best android browsers is bolt browser. Same like Opera Mini, Bolt Browser also apply the compressing system on the web page before it loads, until it is possible the loading process web page which faster. The Bitstream as the Bolt Browser company owner claimed the Bolt 3.0 offers 25 until 50% is faster about the web browsing experience than the competitors because of the compression technology.

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