Apps to Search WiFi Around You Anytime Anywhere

Apps to Search WiFi Around You

3 apps to search WiFi around you anytime and anywhere. Sometimes we need connection internet when we want to chat or call with someone, but sometimes we forget to check our credit phone or credit internet on our phone. So when we don’t have it. We confused because this is important, and then we must search wifi area to get internet connection. Or if we are college student, sometimes we need internet connection for send schoolwork or student assignments. But sometimes we need WiFi to send it to email our teacher because we don’t have credit phone again. So we have to search WiFi area around us to get internet connection.

But sometimes we don’t know where’s WiFi area so now you don’t worry don’t confused because I will share article about Apps to Search WiFi Around You. We can find WiFi area anytime anywhere by this apps. This apps will show WiFi area near of you, even there is one of this apps will help you to get password of the WiFi. Interesting right !! so let’s check it out :

3 Apps to Search WiFi Around You Anytime And Anywhere

1. WiFi Pro (Automatic WiFi)

Apps to Search WiFi Around You

This app will show your location and will show Wifi area around you so you just choose where wifi you want to use that wifi. This app is one of apps to search WiFi around you automatically. If you click arrow in this app, this app will show where’s wifi area’s like you use Google Maps, so you just follow the way that’s showed by this app.

2. Instabridge

This app not only show your location and wifi area location but this app will help you to get wifi password from personal wifi around you. Because this app will help you to connect area group that know about its password.

You also can share the password for user around you and if your friend haven’t known the password so your friend will know and he connect to WiFi automatically.

3. Wifi Finder

WiFi Finder can easily find a lot of points either free WiFi or paid (or locked) that are around you. After installing this application, as soon as you open it. Then the application will automatically offer to download a database of WiFi hotspots that are around you. Once the download is complete database. You can use this application to search for the presence of a WiFi network offline. This is great right, you can search WiFi area when you are offline so you don’t worry again. If you don’t connect to internet connection to use this app.

If your friend’s around you have internet connection from this phone or from modem hotspot you also can ask to connect their hotspot to your device, read also this : How turn your Windows 10 laptop into a WiFi Hotspot or you can also read this How turn your windows 7 laptop into a WiFi hotspot. Thanks For Reading !!!

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