Apple Watch 5 vs Apple Watch 4 – All Information you need exist here

Apple Watch 5 vs Apple Watch 4

Lately, people talk on Apple Watch 5 vs Apple Watch 4 until this page attracts to present it now. By the way, Apple has launched several series of the smartwatch from series 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Even, this manufacturer from the United State has prepared to launch the series 6 next year. Well, that is just a rumor so that let’s compare Apple Watch Series 5 vs. Apple Watch Series 4 first. Anyway, smartwatch series 5 releases on September 2019 where it is exactly one year from the release series 4.

Apple Watch Series 5 vs 4 – 8 Points to Differ

Formerly, have a watch that is useful to call such as in fantasy movies looks impossible. However, the time is change and the technology keeps increasing from time to time. So, you can enjoy all the mobile phone tasks that are more than calling in your wrist. Why do people need to know the differences in Apple Watch 5 vs Apple Watch 4 ? It is because the distance between them is only one year. Alongside that, series 5 is the next generation of the prior series coming with new features.

On the other hand, the Apple Watch Series 5 is more sophisticated with additional functions. That is why you must read it and make everything is clear. Who knows you keep falling in love with the previous series and vice versa? By the way, this page dislikes wasting time so it will start to reveal Apple Watch Series 5 vs. 4 right now. Let’s check it dot!

Apple Watch Series 5

  1. It launches on September 20, 2019, in Apple’s Fall Event.
  2. The 4G network reach all places in the world (globally)
  3. Apple Watch 5’s weight is 47.8g (1.69oz)
  4. Your smartwatch carries 4 kinds of protection such as the sapphire crystal glass and 3D touch display. Besides that, it has 100 nits max brightness, and Always-on display.
  5. The difference of Apple Watch 5 vs. Apple Watch 4 in CPU where it does not apply Dual-core again.
  6. Apple Watch 5 provides 32GB for internal memory.
  7. There are 5 sensor features in this latest Apple smartwatch series. Differ from the previous series it not only applies Accelerometer, barometer, gyro, and heart rate (2nd gen). However, the company inserts a compass as the new feature. Of course, you do not need to worry if you must travel to new places.
  8. It offers from $399 -$1,299, Australia sells starting on $429, and Europe put the price on £429 / AU$699.

Apple Watch Series 4

  1. Apple Watch 4 was released on September 21, 2018.
  2. The 4G network of the smartwatch just reaches out to Europe, Australia, the USA, Canada, and LATAM.
  3. This smartwatch is heavier where the weight is 48g (1.69oz)
  4. Meanwhile, the Apple Watch 4 does not have the last feature (Always-on display) yet.
  5. Meanwhile, this series still use Dual-core for the chipset.
  6. Apple Watch 4 provides 16GB for the internal memory space.
  7. Anyway, you have known the difference between Apple Watch 5 vs. Apple Watch 4 in sensor features. Yeah, it only does not install compass yet.
  8. The price starts at $344.

Apple Watch 4 vs Apple Watch 5 – Make Clear your Insight

Well, you have read a lot of numbers for the difference of Apple Watch Series 5 and 4. However, it looks general and many people need more explanation about it. Due to many requests from the loyal readers, this page wants to explain some in the following:

Similar but Different (Sometimes)

What does it mean with the statement of similar but different? In this Apple 5 vs. Apple 4, some features have a similar function. Nevertheless, the system inside is not always the same as each other. Both have an application to monitor your heart that works quickly to know whether you beat too high or low.

Apple Watch 5 and Watch 4 series help to reaches your fitness target. Besides that, both push to keep workout, standing and moving. The series 5 of Apple Watch has sophisticated sports metrics, GPS, and water resistance up to 50 meters. Apple watch 5 is one of the reasons why this clock is suitable to accompany all types of training. It turns out the Activity Circle to track progress and inspire to sit less. It is also great for the complete challenges that you make with your friends.

The most important things both help you to keep healthy, monitor your health, and always connect wherever you are. At least, those are some information on Apple Watch 5 vs. Apple Watch 4. It presents much insight for you today where it is very clear. Share this information with others to save them from confusion. You add other differences if you know but this page does not write it yet. Well, write it in the comment along with your critics or complain if you feel it necessary. Note, the price may different when you see it at the store. It is because the announcement of the price can change without notification. Thank you for staying and reading until the end!

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